Why Does Trigger Finger Happen?

If you ever have had your finger or thumb get “stuck” in a bent position and then straighten back into place with a “snap”, then you have experienced a trigger finger. Known medically as stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger fingers causing soreness (and even hand pain) at the base of the affected digit. What Causes a Trigger Finger? A trigger finger occurs when tendons in your thumb or finger become inflamed.  The inflammation may occur from localized swelling or scarring of the sheath encompassing the tendon around the flexor tendon. The flexor tendons are responsible for pulling the affected finger or thumb inward towards your palm. Your tendons are tough tissue bands…

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How is Trigger Finger Treated?

Many people familiar with tendinitis in the shoulder or the elbow are surprised that it is the source of a condition called trigger finger.  The first step toward relief from hand pain and other symptoms linked to this disorder is a free hand screening. Condition Overview Patients with this condition have trouble straightening or bending a thumb or a finger.  With this disorder, officially called stenosing tenosynovitis, the digit gets stuck in a bent position, according to the Mayo Clinic.  An effort to straighten or bend a finger can cause a snap that resembles pulling a trigger, then releasing it.  Fingers and thumbs of both hands might be affected.  The…

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Trigger Finger From Weight Lifting

If enjoy weight lifting as a hobby or part of your fitness routine, you might have experienced a condition known as trigger finger. This condition is caused by repetitive movements and forceful movements of the thumb or fingers — both of which are involved in weight lifting. What is Trigger Finger? This painful condition causes your thumb or fingers to essentially “lock” when bent. It occurs when your flexor tendons, which are tough bands of strong tissue that connect your bones and muscles, become inflamed or thickened. Prolonged use can produce irritation and cause the tendon to swell, become inflamed, and thicker than normal. When this happens, it impedes your…

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What Does It Mean to have Trigger Finger?

It sounds like something right out of an old west movie, but trigger finger is a real condition, one that is becoming more prevalent in this technological age. This is an ergonomic injury, like carpal tunnel syndrome, but it affects the finger instead of the wrist. Learn more about trigger finger and what treatment options a hand specialist can offer. What is Trigger Finger? Stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger, is a repetitive use injury that sends many hobbyists to the hand doctor. When the space within the sheath around a finger tendon becomes inflamed, the affected finger locks up. This leaves you with a finger stuck in the bent position,…

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Trigger Finger

If you find yourself experiencing clicking, stiffness or pain in your fingers (or any combination of these) you might be dealing with a condition called trigger finger. These specific symptoms are all common with the trigger finger condition. Diagnosis can easily be made by your physician or the physicians at Florida Hand Center. Caused by the thickening of the tendon in your palm, Florida Hand Center can alleviate this discomfort with a non-surgical treatment in their office such as a cortisone injection. Florida Hand Center has a 79% success rate with this treatment for trigger finger.  If the symptoms are not alleviated then an in-office procedure is recommended where a small…

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Signs you may have Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a common finger problem that can usually be remedied with minimal finger treatment performed in-office at Florida Hand Center, but sometimes requires finger surgery.It results from thickening of the tendon in the palm. The thickening produces a finger problem that results in pain and/or difficulty bending or straightening the finger or thumb. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate trigger finger as a possible condition: Locking or clicking – can prevent the finger from moving. Pain – which can be felt when trying to move the finger or sometimes when the finger is at rest. Stiffness – making it difficult to move the finger. Lump –…

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Common Breast Cancer Treatment Increases Likelihood of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger

Guest Blogger and SWFHS Nurse Practitioner Carolyn Clark blogs about Aromatase Inhibitors used to treat breast cancer in post-menopausal women and the drug’s correlation to certain hand problems: I have been reading this article in the July 2010 issue of The Journal of Hand Surgery, titled “Aromatase Inhibitors and Their Side Effects: What Hand Surgeons Should Know” and thought this information might be important to some of our patients. Aromatase inhibitors are used as adjuvant treatment of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer in post menopausal women, and are slowly replacing Tamoxifen as the drugs of choice.Though usually well-tolerated, there is increasing evidence that links aromatase inhibitors with carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger, as…

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What is Trigger Finger?

Trigger finger (TF) is a condition that effects movement of the fingers. Trigger finger symptomsinclude locking or clicking when the finger is moved, difficulty moving the finger(s) or stiffness, and tenderness or pain where the finger connects to the hand. Trigger finger treatmentis usually painless and effective, and can be done a quick in-office by Florida Hand Center – the leading Port Charlotte hand doctor. Trigger finger symptoms do not have to be to have trigger finger; any combination may be seen and multiple fingers may be involved. Some people refer to trigger finger symptomsas tendonitis and it is often wrongly diagnosed as arthritis. Certain medical conditions are commonly associated…

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