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Leaders in Minimally Invasive Techniques for Hand and Wrist Conditions in Port Charlotte and Fort Myers, FL

Florida Hand Center is a specialized medical center for hand, wrist, and elbow problems. We offer minimally invasive surgical and nonsurgical treatments, always seeking the most cost-effective options for each patient. We accept most insurance including Medicare. We also see urgent cases and Worker’s Compensation injuries and much more! For more information, please call us to request an appointment online. We serve patients from Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Estero, Lake Suzy, Mudock, Charlotte Harbor, Harbour Heights, and Solana Florida

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Our Services

Free Hand Screenings

Florida Hand Center is offering this assessment for free to everyone in our community.

The doctors at Florida Hand Center are dedicated to hand health and quality of life, which is why we spend so much time on the road conducting seminars that include a free hand screening –examining your hands in an effort to detect a hand problem before it becomes debilitating. If a problem is discovered, Stephen Helgemo, M.D. hope to minimize your discomfort by treating it early.

If you think you may have a hand problem, you don’t want to miss a free hand screening. For many people, the quality of their lives begins with their hands. The doctors at Florida Hand Center can keep those hands healthy.

Please contact the office for further information. Screening appointments are available in our Punta Gorda and Fort Myers offices on Monday and Tuesday of each week ( with the exception of holidays and office closures )

An in-office hand screening consists of a brief, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Helgemo for an initial determination and diagnosis.

If you are experiencing a hand problem, early treatment can prevent years of pain. Please join us to improve your quality of life.

*If you are already a patient at FHC or have seen Dr. Helgemo previously, then please contact our office directly to make an appointment. Hand screenings are not designed for existing patients or people currently receiving treatment at our facility, and are meant to be informational in nature.

*Please note that free hand screenings are only conducted during special events. Regular appointments scheduled at our office are charged in accordance with insurance plans and deductibles. Existing patients should contact our office for an appointment as our hand screenings are not set up to view past medical history or patient charts.

Meet The Doctor

Meet Punta Gordas leading expert on arm, wrist, and orthopedic pain and treatment.