Why Does Tendonitis Flare Up?


Tendonitis is a painful but common condition that can make it difficult to use your hands and/or wrists. If you struggle with this condition, you may notice that it tends to “flare up” at certain times, causing more severe symptoms. Fortunately, you can control tendonitis by learning about the causes of flare-ups and avoiding them. In cases where tendonitis becomes more severe, professional hand treatment may be beneficial.

About Tendonitis

A tendon is a thick cord that connects your muscle to your bone. Tendonitis occurs when the tendon becomes irritated and/or inflamed. Some of the symptoms of tendonitis include wrist pain, hand pain, swelling, stiffness and tenderness near a joint.

The most common cause of tendonitis is a repetitive motion that causes damage to the tendon over time. Examples include tennis, scrubbing, raking and carpentry. However, in some cases, tendonitis may occur because of a sudden, more severe injury.

Causes of Flare-Ups

If you develop tendonitis in your hand or your wrist, you are more likely to experience the condition again even if the initial swelling goes down. In many cases, these flare-ups of your condition occur when you engage in the same motion that caused the tendonitis. You may also experience a flare-up if you engage in another activity that puts stress on the same tendon. To prevent tendonitis flare-ups, you need to avoid these activities as much as possible.

Tendonitis Treatment

Some of the more conservative treatments available to patients with tendonitis include splinting of the affected area, activity modifications and steroid injections to bring down inflammation. However, if tendonitis continues to flare up or doesn’t resolve with conservative treatments, your hand specialist may recommend surgery to relieve the inflammation and improve symptoms.

Tendonitis isn’t the only condition that causes hand and wrist pain. For example, you may also experience these symptoms if you have small joint arthritis. If you are experiencing pain in your hands or wrists, please contact Florida Hand Center today.