What Causes Hand Pain and Numbness?

reason for hand numbness

At the Florida Hand Center, our physicians provide high-quality hand treatment for a variety of conditions. Many of our patients to us complaining of impaired function due to pain and numbness in the hand and fingers. Helping these people understand the root of their problems so they can achieve long-lasting relief is a major part of our care.

Common Causes of Hand Numbness and Pain

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a common source of hand numbness and pain. It’s caused by compression of the ulnar nerve in the elbow, which can happen due to inflammation, acute injury, swelling, and/or chronic repetitive damage at the elbow. The main symptom is numbness in the pinkie finger, and over time this can also develop into muscle wasting (atrophy) and finger deformity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is another common cause of hand numbness and tingling, although the primary location of symptoms is in the first few fingers rather than the pinkie. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed in the carpal tunnel, an anatomical structure located within the wrist. Again, this generally happens due to chronic and repetitive strain—we see it often among people who type a lot at work. It can also develop in certain situations, including pregnancy.

Additional causes of hand pain and numbness include nerve entrapment at the neck. Our Florida hand team utilizes a variety of diagnostic tests and physical examination techniques to confirm the underlying diagnosis and contributing factors for each patient. This then allows us to guide appropriate hand treatment.

Hand Treatment From Our Florida Hand Doctors for Pain and Numbness

If you believe you’re struggling with signs and symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our Florida Hand Center doctors. We can offer a variety of treatment options:

  • Lifestyle modifications (e.g., splinting, avoidance of certain positions or activities)
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medications
  • Ergonomic modifications
  • Minimally invasive surgery, including endoscopic ulnar nerve decompression and endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery

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