Trigger Finger Release In-office

When patients suffering trigger finger symptoms come ask a hand specialist at Florida Hand Center whether trigger finger surgery is really as quick and painless as it sounds, we point them to this trigger finger surgery video.

This trigger finger surgery video was shot in the Florida Hand Center office and hand specialist Dr. Stephen Helgemo performed the procedure. Trigger finger surgery is only performed when cortisone injections fail to adequately relieve the trigger finger symptoms.
When performed by a hand specialist like those at Florida Hand Center, trigger finger release allows the tendon sheath to glide back and forth so that the finger no longer locks or clicks. The surgery shown in this trigger finger surgery video also reduces or eliminates any pain, giving back the use and function of the finger and hand.
The video begins by showing exsanguination, which is the process before the start of surgery that squeezes the blood out of the hand. When the wrap is removed the hand and arm are sterilized.
After a local anesthesia is injected, a small incision is made into the palm of the hand below the base of the finger suffering trigger finger symptoms. Then a piece of gauze is inserted into the incision in an effort to remove any blood that might still be in the hand.
At that point the hand specialist, in this case Dr. Helgemo, begins to repair the trigger finger. The area around the tendon sheath is enlarged to allow passage of tendon through that area and to rid the patient of the locking and clicking associated with trigger finger.
Because only local anesthesia is used, the hand specialist is able to move the finger without locking or clicking to ensure the surgical procedure was a success.
When the hand specialist is certain that the trigger finger symptoms have been alleviated, a small suture closes the incision, completing the procedure. 
For nearly a decade, hand specialist Dr. Helgemo has performed trigger finger surgery in the office as outpatient surgery instead of a hospital, saving the patient both time and money.
Florida Hand Center welcomes questions generated by this trigger finger surgery video. Please call 1-877-892-HAND.