<h2=”title”>Port Charlotte hand specialist Florida Hand Center offers trigger finger treatments from hand doctor Stephen Helgemo

When Charlotte Desguin needed a Port Charlotte hand specialist for her trigger finger treatments she turned to hand doctor Stephen Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center.

In the above testimonial video, Desguin discusses the trigger finger treatments provided by Port Charlotte hand specialist Dr. Helgemo. As an experienced hand doctor in Florida, Dr. Helgemo helped Desquin regain normal use of her hand.

Trigger finger is a condition that results from thickening of the tendon in the palm which affects the fingers or thumb. It can often be alleviated through trigger finger treatments, though sometimes finger surgery is necessary. The symptoms include locking or clicking, pain, and stiffness (or any combination of these.) Occasionally, there is an actual lump in the palm that moves when you bend the finger.

A hand doctor treats trigger finger with a cortisone injection into the area adjacent to the tendon. The application of ice several times a day after the injection is also an important part of trigger finger treatments. If the injection is not effective or the symptoms recur, trigger finger surgery may be recommended.

Trigger finger surgery is also known as trigger finger release. Port Charlotte hand specialist . Helgemo usually performs trigger finger surgical procedures in the office. The safety and efficacy of the procedure itself are enhanced by performing the trigger finger release in the office under local anesthesia. In many cases, the results are immediately apparent – your finger clicks, and in a few minutes the clicking is gone.

After trigger finger release, the increased space around the tendon allows the swelling to resolve and the pain and clicking should be relieved. Prescription pain medication is not needed. You will be able to wash your hand after two days; the incision should be covered with a fabric band-aid. Normal activities, except those that require forceful gripping, lifting, or repetition can be resumed immediately. At about a week after finger surgery you will be seen by one of our hand therapists or a hand therapist in your area to remove the single suture and provide instruction for rehabilitation and post-surgical use.

Port Charlotte hand specialist Dr. Stephen Helgemo also commonly provides trigger finger treatments to patients from Fort Myers, Sarasota, Venice, Cape Coral, Sebring and Punta Gorda.