Port Charlotte doctor Stephen Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center provides carpal tunnel relief through carpal tunnel release surgery

When Bari Fischer needed carpal tunnel relief through carpal tunnel release surgery, she turned to Port Charlotte doctor Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center.

For Fischer, the carpal tunnel release performed by Port Charlotte doctor Stephen Helgemo went so well that she wanted people to know more about it. In the above video, Fischer describes her interaction with the Florida Hand Center and explains how she received carpal tunnel relief.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that affects the hand, and carpal tunnel treatment can ultimately include carpal tunnel release . Numbness and tingling involving the thumb, index and middle finger are the most common symptoms seen with carpal tunnel syndrome. Without carpal tunnel treatment, the symptoms tend to progress, eventually leading to constant numbness and occasionally to loss of strength in the hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed by its typical symptoms in conjunction with an examination by a physician such as Port Charlotte doctors Stephen Helgemo and Dr. Ivan Olarte. Often the diagnosis is confirmed by tests to measure the electrical activity of the nerve in the hand (nerve conduction studies). At Florida Hand Center, we are able to perform these tests in our office as a convenience to patients.

The use of a splint, anti-inflammatory medicines (i.e. Advil) or a cortisone injection are the most reliable non-surgical carpal tunnel treatment. If the patient doesn’t receive carpal tunnel relief, carpal tunnel surgery is recommended. The goal of carpal tunnel treatment is to relieve the pressure on the nerve. With endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery the procedure is done through a small incision in the wrist.

At Florida Hand Center the preferred method is endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. It is now done through a ½ inch incision in the wrist and the incision is closed with glue rather than stitches. There is not usually a need for prescription pain medicine after surgery, and you are able to resume most of your activities immediately after surgery. The minimally-invasive nature of this procedure along with Dr. Helgemo’s extensive experience (over 7,000 cases) have led to excellent results with minimal risks. According recent AHCA data, Dr. Helgemo is Florida’s leading endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeon, which is good news for patients who live not only in Port Charlotte, but also those in Fort Myers, Sarasota, Venice, Cape Coral, Sebring, Punta Gorda and the surrounding areas.

Greater than 95 percent of patients who undergo carpal tunnel release experience carpal tunnel relief. Carpal tunnel surgery, however, like any medical procedure, involves risk.