Local surgeon’s at Florida Hand Center prefer endoscopic carpal tunnel release for carpal tunnel surgery.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that affects the hand, and carpal tunnel treatment can ultimately include carpal tunnel surgery. Numbness and tingling involving the thumb, index and middle finger are the most common symptoms seen with carpal tunnel syndrome. The symptoms are often severe at night. You may have a tendency to drop things because of the hand feeling clumsy. Occasionally the numbness or pain may involve the other fingers or move up into the forearm. If you are experiencing these symptoms you will want to locate a local carpal tunnel doctor. In Florida, that mean a consult with the Florida Hand Center.

Dr. Helgemo and Dr. Olarte’s preferred method of carpal tunnel surgery is endoscopic carpal tunnel release. It is now done through a ½ inch incision in the wrist and the incision is closed with glue rather than stitches. There is not usually a need for prescription pain medicine after carpal tunnel surgery,and you are able to resume most of your activities immediately after surgery. The minimally-invasive nature of this procedure along with the doctors extensive experience (over 7,000 cases) have led to excellent results with minimal risks. According recent AHCA data, Dr. Helgemo is Florida’s leading endoscopic carpal tunnel release. What more would you look for from a local carpal tunnel doctor?

Following endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, your hand will be placed in a lightweight brace. As part of the carpal tunnel treatment, you are encouraged to move your fingers after surgery and keep your hand elevated; this will reduce the pain and swelling in your hand. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol) are usually adequate for any pain you may experience. You should not lift more than a pound, do any forceful gripping, or engage in any repetitive activity (ie needlework, fishing, etc.) until allowed by your surgeon. Both you and the local carpal tunnel doctor,in this case someone from the Florida Hand Center, will discuss when you may return to work, and/or any other restrictions you may have.

The results of carpal tunnel surgery are excellent with greater than 95 percent patient satisfaction. The pain in the fingers, especially the symptoms at night, are usually the first symptoms to improve after surgery. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release, however, like any medical procedure, involves risk. Possible complications include incomplete relief of symptoms, pain, nerve or tendon injury, infection, and need for further surgery. Fortunately, these occur with only a very small number of patients.