Local basilar joint arthritis doctor Stephen Helgemo, the Florida basilar joint athritis specialist, offers this video detailing basilar joint arthritis treatment

When Vicki Ciampa needed a local basilar joint arthritis doctor to provide her basilar joint arthritis treatment, she turned to the leading Florida basilar joint arthritis specialist – Dr. Stephen Helgemo of the Florida Hand Center.

The basilar joint arthritis treatment Vicki received from her local basilar joint arthritis doctor, Stephen Helgemo, prompted her to take part in this video testimonial. Click on the video to listen to Vicki tell how Florida basilar joint arthritis specialist Dr. Stephen Helgemo guided her through a difficult time and helped ease her pain.

Although we currently have no cure for arthritis, the pain from basilar joint arthritis responds very well to treatment. The initial basilar joint arthritis treatment a steroid injection in conjunction with the use of a brace. Ice, heat or other topical medicines may also be helpful. These treatments are the most effective non-surgical treatments for this condition and will usually be offered to you at your initial visit. This will often lead to significant improvement, and in most cases additional treatments are not necessary. If these treatments are unsuccessful, surgery may be suggested.

Basilar joint arthritis affects the thumb and in severe cases can require joint replacement surgery (carpo metacarpal joint arthroplasty). The thumb basilar joint is located at the base of the thumb where it attaches to the wrist, and is the most mobile joint in the hand. The initial symptom is a toothache-like pain in the wrist or thumb with activities that involve gripping, pinching, or twisting. Some patients notice pain with weather changes. Weakness and decreased flexibility occur as the arthritis progresses. Basilar joint arthritis can affect both thumbs.

The diagnosis is made by a local basilar joint arthritis doctor the patient’s history of an ache or soreness in the thumb, followed by an examination and X-rays. The thumb mobility may be decreased and with manipulation of the thumb, the pain is reproduced. Surgery may ultimately be required.

The surgical procedure performed by Florida basilar joint arthritis specialist Dr. Helgemo, carpal metacarpal arthroplasty tendon transfer, is the “gold standard” for arthritis at the base of the thumb. Dr. Helgemo, a local basilar joint arthritis doctor,performs this surgery an average of 50 – 60 per year. Surgery involves making two small incisions— one over the basilar joint, and one in the anterior forearm– removing the trapezium bone to create a “scar tissue” joint (carpal metacarpal joint arthroplast) and reconstructing it with an expendable tendon from your forearm (tendon transfer). The tendon removed does not lead to any loss of arm or hand function. The surgery generally takes about 30 minutes and is usually done in an ambulatory surgery center. General anesthesia is not usually necessary for this type of basilar joint arthritis treatment.

We think the Florida hand specialists Florida Hand Center  are suited to treat hand, but don’t take our word for it. If you are considering basilar joint arthritis treatmentfrom a local basilar joint arthritis doctor, listen to what Vicki Ciampa has to say about her experience.