Hand doctors in Florida, Dr. Helgemo and Dr. Olarte, know what carpal tunnel is and treat symptoms of carpal tunnel

When he started feeling wrist pain, Edward Cheek was among those asking themselves: “What is carpal tunnel?,” “What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel?,” and “Where can I find a hand doctor in Florida that can help with the treatment?”

To the question “What is carpal tunnel?,” Cheek learned that carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the wrist and hand making many every day activities – including driving – painful. As for the symptoms of carpal tunnel, they include numbness and tingling involving the thumb, index and middle finger. Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms are often severe at night. Patients may have a tendency to drop things because of the hand feeling clumsy. Occasionally the numbness or pain may involve the other fingers or move up into the forearm.

When it came time for treatment, Creek turned to a leading hand doctor in Florida– Dr. Stephen Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center.

Dr. Helgemo and his associates at the Florida Hand Center did such a good job of alleviating Creek’s carpal tunnel symptoms that he chose to provide this video testimonial detailing his successful treatment by a leading hand doctor in Florida.

Creek found that the results of carpal tunnel surgery are excellent, with greater than 95 percent patient satisfaction. The pain in the fingers, one the symptoms of carpal tunnel that persist at night, are usually the first symptoms to improve after surgery. Carpal tunnel surgery, however, like any medical procedure, involves risk. Possible complications include incomplete relief of symptoms, pain, nerve or tendon injury, infection, and need for further surgery. Fortunately, these occur with only a very small number of patients.

If you find yourself asking, “What is carpal tunnel and could I be suffering from it?” be sure to contact a leading hand doctor in Florida – Dr. Stephen Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center. The main office is located in Port Charlotte, but the Florida Hand Center treats patients who hail from all over the Sunshine State, including Fort Myers, Sarasota, Venice, Cape Coral, Sebring and Punta Gorda.