Florida Hand Center relieves hand pain.

Thousands of people in the Sunshine State are searching for a Florida hand specialist – and a basilar joint arthritis doctor in particular – who can take away their hand pain. Dr. Stephen Helgemo and the physicians at the Florida Hand Center may be the answer.

Many people suffering from hand pain aren’t sure if the cause is basilar joint arthritis or another ailment. Doctor Stephen Helgemo created this commercial to let those sufferers know that experienced Florida hand specialists at the Florida Hand Center can make the diagnosis and prescribe a treatment to fix the problem.

If you are suffering from hand pain, watch the above video; then contact Florida hand specialist Dr. Helgemo or Dr. Olarte to set up a consultation. If the diagnosis is basilar joint arthritis and you need a basiliar joint arthritis doctor, Dr. Helgemo and Dr. Olarte will get you on the road to recovery.

Basilar joint arthritis affects the thumb and in severe cases can require joint replacement surgery (carpo metacarpal joint arthroplasty). The initial symptom is a toothache-like pain in the wrist or thumb with activities that involve gripping, pinching, or twisting. Some patients notice pain with weather changes.

The diagnosis is made by a hand specialist or basilar joint arthritis doctor from the patient’s history of an ache or soreness in the thumb, followed by an examination and X-rays. The thumb mobility may be decreased and with manipulation of the thumb, the pain is reproduced. Eventually the base of the thumb may enlarge because of swelling in the joint or formation of bone spurs.

Although we currently have no cure for arthritis, the pain from basilar joint arthritis responds very well to treatment. The initial treatment is a steroid injection in conjunction with the use of a brace. Ice, heat or other topical medicines may also be helpful. If these treatments are unsuccessful, surgery may be suggested.

The surgical procedure Florida hand specialist Dr. Helgemo performs, carpal metacarpal arthroplasty with tendon transfer, is the “gold standard” for arthritis at the base of the thumb. Dr. Helgemo performs this surgery an average of 50 times per year. Surgery involves making two small incisions— one over the basilar joint, and one in the anterior forearm– removing the trapezium bone to create a “scar tissue” joint (carpal metacarpal joint arthroplasty) and reconstructing it with an expendable tendon from your forearm (tendon transfer). The tendon removed does not lead to any loss of arm or hand function. The surgery generally takes about 30 minutes and is usually done in an ambulatory surgery center. General anesthesia is not usually necessary.