Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery Video

Patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome may ultimately have a hand specialist recommmend carpal tunnel hand surgery. recent AHCA data, hand specialistDr. Stephen Helgemo of the Florida Hand Center is Florida’s leading endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeon.

Dr. Helgemo’s preferred method of carpal tunnel hand surgeryis endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. The video on this page shows Dr. Helgemo performing that procedure.

Under this form of carpal tunnel hand surgery, the patient is given a twilight anesthetic. A mark is put on the hand to indicate where the incision will be. Then nurses wrap the patient’s hand in a tourniquet to remove the blood.

Once most of the blood is gone from the hand and wrist, the hand specialist make a quarter-inch incision in the wrist. After retractors keep the incision open, a tiny camera is inserted into the opening to allow the hand specialist to see what he is doing.

At that point the carpal tunnel hand surgery is performed. When the hand specialist completes the carpal tunnel surgery, the incision is closed with a type of medical super glue. The hand is then wrapped lightly in gauze.

There is not usually a need for prescription pain medicine after surgery, and patients are able to resume most of normal activities immediately after carpal tunnel hand surgery. The minimally-invasive nature of this procedure along with hand specialistDr. Helgemo’s extensive experience (over 7,000 cases) have led to excellent results with minimal risks.

Those considering carpal tunnel hand surgeryare encouraged to watch this video. If any questions remain, please feel free to contact a hand specialist Florida Hand Center by calling 1-877-892-HAND.