Basilar joint arthritis specialist and hand specialist in Port Charlotte Florida Hand Center treats basilar joint arthritis symptoms

When Joseph Testa began experiencing basilar joint arthritis symptoms he needed a basilar joint arthritis specialist and turned to the leading hand specialist in Port Charlotte – the Florida Hand Center.

This video is Testa’s testimonial about his experience in dealing with those basilar joint arthritis symptoms and how the Florida Hand Center, basilar joint arthritis specialists, helped him deal with the problem. As you can see in the video, Testa is pleased he was able to find a leading hand specialist in Port Charlotte.

Basilar joint arthritis affects the thumb and in severe cases can require joint replacement surgery (carpo metacarpal joint arthroplasty). The thumb basilar joint is located at the base of the thumb where it attaches to the wrist, and is the most mobile joint in the hand. Like other joints, it is normally covered with cartilage, a smooth coating which allows painless and smooth movement. Joint arthritis occurs when these smooth surfaces wear out.

Basilar joint arthritis symptoms begin with a toothache-like pain in the wrist or thumb during activities that involve gripping, pinching, or twisting. Some patients notice pain with weather changes. Weakness and decreased flexibility occur as the arthritis progresses. Upon feeling these basilar joint arthritis symptoms, it’s usually a good idea to consult a basilar joint arthritis specialist.

The diagnosis of basilar joint athritis is made from the patient’s history of an ache or soreness in the thumb, followed by an examination and X-rays. The thumb mobility may be decreased and with manipulation of the thumb, the pain is reproduced. Eventually the base of the thumb may enlarge because of swelling in the joint or formation of bone spurs. Other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis should be excluded. To obtain the proper diagnosis, sufferers should consult with a hand specialist. Port Charlotte is home to experts in basilar joint arthritis treatment – the Florida Hand Center.

The initial treatment to relieve basilar joint arthritis symptoms is a steroid injection in conjunction with the use of a brace. We recommend a short period of activity modification after the injection to enhance its ability to work properly. Ice, heat or other topical medicines may also be helpful. These treatments are the most effective non-surgical treatments for this condition and will usually be offered to you at your initial visit to Florida’s basilar joint arthritis specialist – Florida Hand Center. This will often lead to significant improvement and in most cases additional treatments, such as carpal metacarpal joint arthroplasty, are not necessary. Florida Hand Center has a 95% success rate with non-surgical treatments for basilar joint arthritis.  If these treatments are unsuccessful, surgery may be suggested.

The surgical procedure Dr. Helgemo and Dr. Olarte perform, carpal metacarpal arthroplasty with tendon transfer, is the “gold standard” for arthritis at the base of the thumb. Historically, the physicians at Florida Hand Center perform this surgery an average of 50 times per year. Surgery involves making two small incisions— one over the basilar joint, and one in the anterior forearm– removing the trapezium bone to create a “scar tissue” joint (carpal metacarpal joint arthroplast) and reconstructing it with an expendable tendon from your forearm (tendon transfer). The tendon removed does not lead to any loss of arm or hand function. The surgery generally takes about 30 minutes and is usually done in an ambulatory surgery center. General anesthesia is not usually necessary.

Joseph Testa needed a hand specialist. Port Charlotte based doctor Stephen Helgemo provided much appreciated relief from his basilar joint arthritis symptoms. We invite you to watch his story.