I was in last Friday for a Needle Aponeurotomy, and I just wanted to drop a line to express my profound gratitude. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have secured your services. Your skills have restored my hand and thus my craftsmanship, musicianship, and general grace in life in ways I have forgotten, mine now to rediscover. Your talent and expertise are a tribute to your profession.

Michael H. | Murray, KY

Got the relief that I wanted and all personnel were very professional.

Wayne J. | Sebring, FL

In less than an hour, Dr. Helgemo gave me my little finger back. He and his staff are excellent.

Greg | Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was very happy with Dr. Olarte and the staff. He (they) explained each thing that was going to happen. I am extremely happy with my visit and the results so far; even kind of looking forward to further surgery.

Carolyn H. | St. James City, FL

Great experience,when you’re not sure what to expect. Thank you Dr Olarte!

Laura O. | Englewood, FL

Everyone @ FHC friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Dr Helgemo delightfully personable and human in his expertise. He thoroughly, completely explained the issue in my hands, treatment options, and what I might expect in the future. He was patient with my questions, answered them completely, offered information I didn’t know to request 🙂 I actually could find no more info on-line than he’d already given me. He’s gentle and kind in his handling of us as patients. I came away with total confidence in his diagnosis and treatment.

Antoinette P. | Key West, FL

I appreciate the time that Dr. Helgemo took to explain where I was ‘at’ with my Dupuytren’s and what my options were for the future. He was patient and explained everything to both myself and my wife.

Leonard B. | Grand Haven, MI

Definitely worth the trip from the Chicago area. Everything was diagnosed and explained.

Eric M. | Naperville, IL

I had genetic Dupuytren’s disease for over three years and it was advancing steadily. While I could adjust to the curvature of my hand and perform my daily activities, I was very bothered by the condition and had twinges of pain resulting from it. I decided to pursue treatment for it and was led to Dr.Helgemo at the Florida Hand Center. Yesterday I experienced a procedure known as Needle Aponeurotomy. While there is some very temporary discomfort to the procedure, which is done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic, it is well worth it. I was finished in less than an hour.

Bonita T. | Tampa, FL

Compared to the more invasive surgery for Dupuytrens contracture, it’s a no brainer!

Michael H. | Port Charlotte, FL

How professional and friendly everyone was and the timeliness in handling my problem.

Charles K. | LaGrangeville, KY


I was extremely happy with the lack of pain and the out come of the procedure. I was able to use my hand immediately. Thank you, for the prompt appointment and the surgery. No waiting weeks and virtually no pain, all gain. Also, there are and were no disappointments. I was able to use the hand and finger immediately, wow. Unfortunately, I waited too long to have this procedure done.

Ken T. | Port Charlotte, FL

I came to Dr. Helgemo on a friend’s recommendations. I found that Dr. Helgemo treated me professionally and yet warmly. I was eminently satisfied with the procedure and the successful outcome. My Thanks to him with warm admiration for his style and grace.

 Anthony R. | Fort Myers, FL


My appointment with Dr H. Was at 1:00. By 2:00, I was on my way home with my Dupuytren’s finger corrected. Two days later, the occupational therapist made a splint for my finger and suggested a few exercises. After one week, my finger is 95 % straight.

Fran K. | Harbor Springs, MI

I was prepared to have extensive surgey on my hand to correct this condition. Dr Helgemo corrected this contracture in his office with very little pain to me, and now I’m looking to have the other hand taken care of when the time is right. I have recommended this procedure to others already. 

Joe G. | Fort Myers, FL

Staff and Dr. Helgemo put me at ease before the procedure and I was very pleased with the outcome. I waited until we got to Florida to have my procedure done because I had faith in Dr. Helgemo and his ability to perform the operation. He met all my expectations.

Joe I. | North Port, FL

The doctor and his staff are very thorough and professional . By far the best experience I have had with a doctor and a medical procedure, ever and I am in the medical field.

The level of comfort and understanding of what each step was before it was done was what I liked most. Nothing was a surprise, which made me aware of what was happening before each step. Dr helgemo was a delightful change from the other doctors I have dealt with. Thank you.

Patricia A. | Venice, FL


A “No-Brainer”. No cost consulting; no pre-surgery visits; 30 minute procedure; no stitches; no post-op visits; no discomfort; just an outstanding experience. I should have done it years ago.

Robert S. | Fort Myers, FL

I am so grateful to Dr. Helgemo for the treatment he and his staff gave me. My procdure was painless and speed of recovery unbeliveable. Thank you!!!

Sara C. | Avon Park, FL

The process was quick and with very little discomfort. There was absolutely no pain after the procedure. Dr. Helgemo and staff were very good and knowledgeable and Dr. Helgemo is an excellent physician. I would gladly refer him to others for the same procedure or other hand treatment.

Carl K. | Fort Myers, FL


Dr. Helgemo was extremely knowledgable about my clinical condition and explained all info in depth. He is clearly more interested in the patient getting the best and most appropriate care for the current condition of their complain. The option to postpone surgical correction at this time was greatly appreciated – even though he might have lost time and money in the short run. I will refer patients with hand disorders to him without reserve.

William J. | Fort Myers, FL


The outcome of my treatment was better than expected.  Very quick!

Tim W. | Towanda, PA


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