It is currently estimated that 46 million Americans have no health insurance coverage and millions more have limited coverage.  At Florida Hand Center we understand that many of our patients will come to us needing treatment, but will have to pay out-of-pocket because of a lack of health insurance coverage.  Similarly, we see and treat many seasonal patients from Canada and Europe whose health insurance is not accepted by medical providers in the U.S.  To simplify the process, we have examined each part of our diagnostic testing and treatments and set up self-pay prices for those without coverage.  This allows us to provide our self-pay patients with an accurate and fair price. They are usually pleasantly surprised that our minimally invasive hand and arm treatments are so affordable.

In addition to the advance pricing we’ve established as a convenience, we also work with a separate third party Care Credit for patients that wish to finance a necessary procedure.

If you are seeking treatment for your hand or arm condition and need to inquire about our self-pay patient option, please contact our office and speak to our billing department for more information.