How long does it take for ganglion cyst to go away?

cyst on hand

Having a ganglion cyst can be frustrating and uncomfortable, but fortunately, there are things that can be done to treat it. Most people who have a cyst like this just want it to go away, and they wonder how they can make that happen and how long it will take. That generally depends on several factors, but with a free hand screening, it’s possible to determine what kind of treatment should be offered and how easily the cyst can be reduced or eliminated. Then you can consider all the choices you have, in order to make an informed decision by working with your doctor to get rid of your ganglion cyst.

Will a Ganglion Cyst Go Away Without Treatment?

Approximately 40 to 60 percent of ganglion cysts will go away without being treated. They might not look attractive, but they really aren’t hurting anything. It’s also possible to reduce the swelling that comes from these cysts by putting ice on them, so if they’re causing discomfort or you simply want to reduce their size you can work toward doing that. These cysts also form near joints, so if you can avoid using that joint too much that can help the cyst get better on its own, too. That’s not a guarantee that the cyst will go away, though, because sometimes they persist and need actual treatment to get rid of them.

A Free Hand Screening may be in Your Future

If you just want to get rid of your ganglion cyst without waiting weeks or months for it to potentially go away on its own, or you’ve waited a long time and it’s still there, you can have it removed. A hand screening is the first step toward seeing what needs to be done with your cyst. Then you can discuss it with your doctor and determine whether surgery is the right option for you. In some cases, this makes sense, such as when the cyst is pressing on a nerve and causing pain. Very large cysts may also need to be treated that way, simply because of their size and they inconvenience they can cause.

Don’t Risk Injury With Home Remedies

Some people suggest smashing the cyst with a heavy book, but that’s dangerous. You can actually break a bone, and you have the opportunity to cause other kinds of injuries, as well. With that in mind, make sure you avoid any home remedies that could hurt you or make you sick. It’s much better to either leave the cyst alone or work with a hand doctor to find the right kind of treatment that’s suited to your particular situation. Then you can get the cyst treated and not have to worry about causing more harm in trying to get rid of it.