A Patient’s Guide to Treatment for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

A condition, known as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, is where your funny bone (ulnar nerve) is stretched,  has pressure on it, or is compressed. This condition can cause tingling in your small or ring fingers, numbness, weakness in your hand or pain in your forearm. Your ulnar nerve is located in the inner side of your elbow and runs along the groove. There are a variety of causes of  this peripheral nerve entrapment syndrome. A common cause of this condition is when you bend your elbow frequently when performing activities like reaching, lifting or pulling on things. You can end up with this condition when you continually add constant direct pressure…

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The Basics of Wrist Surgery

The wrist is a very complex joint, with lots of moving parts. Its very complexity and flexibility means that when something goes wrong, many of the most basic daily activities can become very difficult. Wrist surgery performed by a hand specialist may be necessary to restore function and relieve wrist pain. Here’s some information on the basics of wrist surgery, from the Florida Hand Center. All About the Wrist The wrist is the meeting point between the two bones in the lower forearm (the radius and ulna) and the bones of the hand. The eight bones of the wrist are joined to each other by one or more ligaments. The…

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All About Hand Surgery

The human hand is a marvelously flexible and complex construction. That very complexity and flexibility, however, can be threatened by injury, disease or degenerative conditions. To correct such problems, hand surgery may be required. Here’s some basic information about hand surgery, courtesy of the hand specialists at the Florida Hand Center. Who Can Perform Hand Surgery? The terms hand doctor, hand surgeon and hand specialist are usually used to describe an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in conditions of the hand. These physicians typically complete an additional period of training called a fellowship after they finish their orthopedic surgical residency. Fellowships may last from one to three years. Other surgical specialists…

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3 Common Types of Wrist Surgery

Your wrist is made up of many bones, nerves, tendons, and ligaments that work in tandem to provide you with your wrist function. If any one of these components is injured, is involved in trauma, or has an abnormal anatomy, it can cause you to experience pain and restricted functioning. Fortunately, there are many treatment options, including minimally invasive surgeries. There are different types of wrist surgery that a hand specialist in Port Charlotte can perform. The hand doctor performs this type of surgery to help you restore finger, hand, and wrist function, but also tries to make your hand and wrist look as normal as possible too. Read on…

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Three Conditions Helped by Wrist Surgery

Quite a few painful conditions and injuries of the wrist can be treated surgically. Wrist surgery is done by a hand specialist to relieve pain, mend fractures, or to remove damaged tissue from injury or arthritis. Patients often do not realize that they do not have to live with the level of disability that comes with favoring a hand due to pain. Surgical options absolutely exist to help pain and injury sufferers regain a better quality of life. Here are three common conditions or injuries that warrant contacting a hand surgeon for an evaluation: Wrist Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome There is a space in the wrist where 9 tendons and a nerve…

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Hand Doctor Tips for Recovering from Hand Surgery

Hand Doctor Tips for Recovering from Hand Surgery Recovering from hand surgery can be a delicate process—especially if the hand operated upon was your dominant hand. Remember to always follow the recovery plan and recommendations laid out by your hand doctor as closely as possible. No matter which type of hand surgery you undergo, preparation is the key to a quick and safe recovery. To ensure that you regain full motion in your hand and fingers, it is important to lay out a recovery timeline with your hand doctor before surgery. These tips and tricks from our hand specialists can help you prepare for the healing process: 1. Arrange Your…

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