The Most Common Causes of Wrist Fractures

Wrist fractures are extremely painful and debilitating. If you’ve broken your wrist, don’t delay treatment. The wrist consists of eight small bones that connect to the two bones in the forearm, the radius and ulna. Although any of those bones can break, resulting in a wrist fracture, fractures most commonly occur in the lower end of the larger of the two forearm bones, the distal radius.  Such a break, known as a distal radius fracture, typically results when we attempt to stop a fall with an outstretched hand while skiing or snowboarding, or when we suffer a powerful blow to the wrist, such as in a car accident. People with…

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What Does Trigger Finger Surgery Entail?

Trigger finger is a common medical condition that can be treated with a low-risk surgical procedure. “Trigger finger” is the common phrase for the medical condition known as “stenosing tenosynovitis.” Trigger finger causes patients to experience a locking or clicking feeling as the finger bends and straightens. Medical conditions and biological factors have been linked to the prevalence of trigger finger, but it can be difficult to predict what activities exacerbate trigger finger. Luckily, there are multiple treatment and surgery options that can alleviate symptoms. What is trigger finger? Trigger finger is a condition that causes pain, stiffness, or a locking sensation when you bend and straighten your finger. This…

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What to Expect after Wrist Tendonitis Surgery

If the thumb side of your hand aches, it may be due to wrist tendonitis. Fortunately, a simple surgical procedure can reverse the condition. Wrist tendonitis — which is also known as De Quervain’s tendonitis — sets in when the tendons and tendon sheath running along the thumb side of the hand become painful and tender, usually due to overuse. The condition is characterized by increased discomfort when gripping an object, turning the wrist, or closing the hand into a fist. The wrist contains two primary tendons on the thumb side, which are encased in a soft tissue called “synovium.” In a healthy wrist, synovium allows the tendons to move…

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How To Relieve Wrist Pain From Typing

Wrist pain can have a variety of causes. In many cases, it is the result of overuse or repetitive strain injury. Eventually, you may develop small joint arthritis. While preventing such problems is always better than trying to treat them once they occur, both conservative therapy and surgery are available if necessary. Here is some information on wrist pain from typing and other causes, courtesy of the Florida Hand Center. Hand and Wrist Anatomy Your marvelously flexible and strong hands get that way because they are composed of multiple small bones and joints. Connected and supported by muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the hands and wrists must work together. All of…

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How to Prevent Hand Injuries in Construction

There are a number of risks when someone is a construction worker, and among those risks are hand injuries. This is a risk that a lot of people don’t think about. Instead, they think of falls, equipment issues, damage from tools being misused, and related types of problems. Of course, those are real issues that are important, and that can be serious and dangerous for construction workers, but hand injuries are also a worry that can and should be addressed. Fortunately, there are ways in which the risk of hand injuries can be reduced, so construction workers can be safer and more effective on the job. Adequate Safety Protection is…

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Can Tennis Elbow Cause Numbness?

Tennis elbow, known medically as lateral epicondylitis, occurs when your tendons, which are the strong tissues that connect your bones to your muscles, of your elbow are inflamed. The condition can occur whether or not you play tennis. Any activity that causes you to overuse your muscles in your forearm can cause you to develop the condition due to the small tears and inflammation that develops. Besides playing tennis regularly, manual labor, knitting, raking, typing, cutting, and plumbing are other common activities that can spur the condition, particularly in people in the 30 to 50 age group. There are many others, however, that can lead you to develop the condition….

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When To Call Your Doctor About Hand Pain

The Mayo Clinic may be stating the obvious when it encourages you to seek immediate professional medical help when you notice a significant deformity or protruding bone, but any significant trauma to the hand or wrist is definitely cause for a trip to the doctor if not the emergency room. Outside of obvious traumatic injury, however, deciding when to call your doctor about pain in the far upper extremities can be difficult.  In general, any hand or wrist pain that is acutely pronounced and/or persistent should be reported ASAP to a qualified medical professional. Other tips regarding the acquisition of clinical assistance may depend upon the particular condition that you suffer…

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Wrist Pain From Golfing

You love to play golf. Getting out there on the green not only challenges yourself, but helps you to relax and share quality time with friends, family members, or colleagues. And, you’ve been lucky because you’ve had the opportunity to spend weekends golfing for many years. The problem is that along with all of these fun golf outings, you’ve begun to experience wrist pain. And for many people, it’s not just a question of “if” you’ll develop pain in your wrist from golfing, but “when”. Why Does Wrist Pain Happen? Sometimes your sore wrist can be the result of an acute golfing injury, such as a strain, sprain, or tear….

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When You Need Hand Surgery

Incredibly complex and flexible, the human hand can perform a variety of amazing tasks from embroidery to keyboarding to sculpture. Hand pain or deformity can limit many daily activities. Disease, injury or degenerative conditions like arthritis can limit motion and cause pain. Hand surgery may be necessary to correct these problems. When you need hand surgery, the experts at the Florida Hand Center stand ready to help. Which Doctors Perform Hand Surgery? Whether you use the term hand doctor, hand surgeon or hand specialist, you’re nearly always talking about an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hand and wrist conditions. After medical school and an orthopedic surgical residency, these doctors complete…

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Why Choose a Hand Surgery Center?

Your hands are vitally important for nearly every activity you perform each day, whether it’s applying makeup, doing the dishes, using a keyboard or driving a car. When you need surgery, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. There are a number of factors to consider – with that in mind, here’s how to choose a hand surgery center, courtesy of the Florida Hand Center in Florida. What is a Hand Surgery Center? There are two possible definitions for a hand surgery center. This first is an actual ambulatory surgery center (ASC). The second is a facility devoted to the diagnosis, management and treatment of different hand…

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