Hand Surgery Specialist 101

Whether you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any number of other ailments affecting the hands, a hand surgery specialist is often the best option for seeking relief.

A medical doctor and surgeon with board qualifications and specialized certifications, a hand surgery specialist has devoted their medical practice to promoting hand health. Experienced in identifying the root cause of a patient’s pain or discomfort, a good hand surgery specialist will know what treatment to pursue, and whether surgery offers the best opportunity for relief.

1) Credentials

A hand surgery specialist completes medical school and residency, and then goes on to specialize in orthopedic or general surgery. Verifying a hand surgeon’s board certification through the Boards of Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery is an important step when selecting a hand surgery specialist.

You can also check a hand surgeon’s membership in professional organizations like the American Society of Surgery of the Hand and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

2) Experience

How long has a hand surgery specialist been practicing? Make sure to inquire about the history of the practice, and consider reading reviews from past patients to gauge a hand doctor’s experience level and quality of service.

3) Range of Services
A hand surgery specialist will be able to address the following conditions:
·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
·         Wrist Pain
·         Basilar Joint Arthritis
·         Trigger Finger
·         Dupuytren’s Contracture
·         DeQuervain’s Tendonitis
·         Ganglion Cysts
·         Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
·         Lateral Epicondylitis
·         Small Joint Arthritis

Florida Hand Center: Custom Treatment options just for you
Far too often people are intimidated by visits to the doctor – especially when they face an unknown ailment that is greatly affecting their quality of life.

At the Florida Hand Center, Dr. Stephen L. Helgemo, Jr. and Dr. Ivan G. Olarte offer the specialized hand surgery treatments listed above in a bilingual practice that goes out of its way to make patients feel at home.