Ganglion Cysts – Causes and Treatments

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – Finding yourself with ganglion cysts can be unpleasant, but it can be so much easier to deal with when you have the correct treatment and the right team to help you through it. Ganglion cysts are essentially non-cancerous masses that occur near joints and tendons.

At first glance, they seem look like lumps on your hands and wrists. Generally they are not painful and can range in sizes. Diagnosis is fairly simple and can be confirmed using an MRI.

How do ganglion cysts form? They form when fluid from a joint or around a tendon gets trapped. Once it gets trapped it begins to form a structure similar to a bump. The bump can get larger with use of the joint or tendon it is attached to. It often gets tender as its size increases.

The actual cause of ganglion cysts can be difficult to pin down. Some appear after an injury or with arthritis, most have no apparent cause. The pain and swelling can usually be reduced with a basic Ganglion cyst treatment.

The general treatment for uncomfortable ganglion cysts is surgery. Yet with over a 90% satisfaction rate, it is well worth it. Ganglions in the hand or fingers can be removed in the office under local anesthetic, while wrist ganglions can be removed either at a hospital or outpatient surgery center.