Medical Specialties – Meet the Hand Doctor

When you have a problem with your hand or wrist and surgery is recommended, your family doctor may refer you to a hand surgeon (sometimes also called a hand doctor or hand specialist). These highly trained physicians can treat a wide variety of problems and may also treat the entire arm. Hand doctors come from different medical backgrounds; here’s a bit about the medical specialty from the Florida Hand Center. The Basics Hand surgeons begin their careers in one of three medical specialties: general surgery, plastic surgery or orthopaedic surgery. All must have a bachelor’s degree to enter medical school, and while many choose a science major, that’s not required….

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Ask a Hand Doctor: What Is Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

Raynaud’s phenomenon is a vascular disorder that causes the blood vessels in the hands or feet to contract unusually. This constriction cuts off the supply of blood to the area, which may result in the death of tissues. Fortunately, treatment by a hand doctor can help prevent further tissue loss and recurrence of attacks. However, understanding more about this condition is critical to preventing it from developing in the first place. Primary Raynaud’s Versus Secondary Raynaud’s. Two different types of Raynaud’s phenomenon exist. In primary Raynaud’s phenomenon, explains the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, the vasospastic attack (the severe constriction of the blood vessels) is caused…

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How to Tell a Good Hand Surgeon from a Bad One

Your hand hurts. The pain prevents you from working, taking care of your family, and doing the things you love. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with the second longest time away from work at an average of 28 days (not with us). Other conditions of the hand, wrist, and arm can take you out of the action for even longer. You need the best medical care possible but it can be difficult to determine which doctor is best. The phone book does not offer many clues about the quality of care, and you can only learn so much about a doctor from the…

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Top 3 Reasons to See a Hand Doctor

Hand and wrist pain, injuries or other hand-related conditions can happen to just about anyone, particularly when sporting activities or repetitive tasks are involved. When an injury occurs or pain is persistent, a visit to a hand doctor may be required to return the wrist or hand to its normal functioning. An educated, skilled and certified hand surgeon is highly qualified to diagnose and treat all injuries, pain and problems associated with the hand, wrist and forearm. Here are the top three reasons to see a hand doctor: 1) Advised by your general practitioner. Most people suffering from discomfort or pain in one or both hands or wrist will first…

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5 Essential Questions to Ask a Hand Doctor

Finding the right hand doctor is as simple as knowing which questions to ask. Here are the 5 most important questions to consider when searching for a hand doctor: 1) Have they been recommended? When treating something as important as your hands (or any other part of your body for that matter!) you must ask for recommendations from previous patients. Check a hand doctor’s web site to read patient testimonies and hear first hand how hand surgery has helped address carpal tunnel symptoms or other hand ailments. 2) Are they properly certified? When you first experience symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome or other pain or discomfort in your hand, you…

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Hand Surgery Specialist 101

Whether you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any number of other ailments affecting the hands, a hand surgery specialist is often the best option for seeking relief. A medical doctor and surgeon with board qualifications and specialized certifications, a hand surgery specialist has devoted their medical practice to promoting hand health. Experienced in identifying the root cause of a patient’s pain or discomfort, a good hand surgery specialist will know what treatment to pursue, and whether surgery offers the best opportunity for relief. 1) Credentials A hand surgery specialist completes medical school and residency, and then goes on to specialize in orthopedic or general surgery. Verifying a hand…

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3 Reasons to Visit a Hand Specialist

What is a hand specialist, and do you need to see one? Many people have asked themselves the same questions – often unaware how specialized hand treatment and surgery can be. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or general symptoms for common hand ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, a visit to a Florida hand specialist could be in order. Here are the three main reasons why: 1) Your primary doctor says so Many patients begin their hand treatment with their primary doctor, which can be a great approach (especially in regards to pursuing insurance coverage for any ensuing treatment). After reviewing your symptoms, your primary doctor may recognize that a…

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Wide Range of Treatment and Services

Florida’s leading carpal tunnel surgeon, Dr. Helgemo, has performed more endoscopic carpal tunnel releases than any other physician in the state. Highly qualified and highly experienced, it is no wonder why so many people come from far and wide to be treated by he and his colleagues and staff. At Florida Hand Center we provide a range of services to treat you quickly and effectively with convenience by have all diagnostics and treatment services offered at one location. We do much more than just examine and diagnose, Florida Hand Center also offers non-surgical treatment, performs surgeries and offers occupational therapy on-site. So whatever arm or hand issue you may be experiencing, rest assured that…

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Congratulations to Dr. Helgemo!

We want to take a moment to congratulate our very own Dr. Stephen Helgemo for being listed for the third consecutive year in Gulfshore Life Magazine’s Top Doc List (2009 – 2011).Each year Gulfshore Life Magazine partners with Castle Connolly Medical School in New York and publishes a list of leading physicians in Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties, using an independent study. Physicians are selected based on surveys and electronic ballots submitted by the leaders at hospitals and medical practices, and each physician’s experience, expertise and training is considered and scrutinized in this process. Dr. Helgemo is a Johns Hopkins trained physician and a dual board certified hand surgeon.  He has been a practicing hand…

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The Story of Southwest Florida Hand Specialists

A question that we are asked frequently is what led to forming Southwest Florida Hand Specialists (SWFHS)?  One might say it was a collision of a number of interesting pathways converging. After completing college in Florida, Steve Helgemo moved to Baltimore to pursue his medical studies at Johns Hopkins Hospital.He enjoyed the big city life and the experience of being in a world-class medical institution. As a second year medical student, he had a month to “burn” and signed up for a hand surgery rotation. Steve was paired with a doctor in his final year of medical training- a hand surgery fellow.  This proved to be a pivotal moment in the formation…

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