Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Has Treatment Options

cubital tunnel

With so many conditions that can affect the hand, wrist, elbow, and arm, you may not be sure what’s wrong when you start feeling numbness or tingling. Fortunately, there are treatment options for most of these problems that return a range of motion and flexibility while reducing tingling and complications such as weakness and muscle atrophy. One of the conditions that may occur and require treatment is cubital tunnel syndrome, which is a compression of the nerves in the elbow. When that takes place there’s numbness and tingling in the pinky and ring finger of the affected hand, along with the palm of that hand. This can make some tasks difficult, and affect anything that requires the use of fine motor skills.

Hand Treatment Options Are Available

While tingling and numbness can be a problem for those who have a compressed or pinched nerve, there are hand treatment options to choose from. The easiest and most common choice is to simply reduce the strain on the affected area and see if the condition improves. For many people, ceasing to put pressure on the elbow and giving themselves time to heal is enough to reduce problems temporarily. But that’s not a fix for the condition, and over time leaving cubital tunnel untreated can mean clawed fingers, muscle atrophy, weakness in the hand, numbness, and tingling that just doesn’t get better.

Before considering surgery, patients usually want to look at other options that can ease the problems caused by this syndrome and reduce the tingling in their hand and the numbness in their fingers. Considering non-surgical options makes sense, but the majority of patients won’t improve much without surgical intervention. Working with your doctor from the very onset of symptoms is an excellent way to feel better faster, and to get the kind of treatment that’s going to be right for you. After surgery, many patients recover well and get back the feeling in their palm and fingers along with their range of motion.

Choosing a Doctor to Treat Your Hand Conditions

When you look for a doctor to treat your hand issues, you want to find one you can trust and rely on. By working with the Florida Hand Center, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers so you can be an informed patient. That will help you make the right choice for your medical care, and help you take a proactive part in working with your doctor to decide when surgery will be right for you. Surgery is an option that most patients turn to, and the sooner you start working with your doctor the better. The surgery can alleviate symptoms and restore normal function, in order to help you get back to the life you were living before cubital tunnel got in your way and slowed you down.