Why is Carpal Tunnel Painful?

If you’re experiencing hand pain as a result of a condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, you are not alone. Up to nearly six percent of the adult population in the U.S. suffer from the condition, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

The main reason that you feel pain from carpal tunnel is due to median nerve (which runs from your palm of your hand to your forearm, being entrapped, compressed, and squeezed. You also have inflammation along with this condition, which leads to swelling. If your irritated tendons are thickened and you also have swelling, the tunnel where your media nerve resides is narrowed. As a result, your nerve is compressed, leading to entrapment neuropathy and your pain.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

In addition to pain, you can experience weakness, tingling, itchiness, numbness, and burning with carpal tunnel. You might find that you have decreased grip strength, and have difficulties opening doors, bottles, and jars, and grasping small objects.

Your symptoms may start off gradually and episodically, but then you find that they worsen and occur more frequently. At first, you may only experience these symptoms in one hand and wrist, but for many people, it extends to both hands.  In addition, early on in the development of the condition, you might only experience your symptoms at night or in the morning. As the condition worsens, you find that you also experience symptoms of tingling and pain during the day. You might have trouble distinguishing between cold and hot sensations as well.

Basal Joint Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

According to a study published in the Journal of Hand Surgery, there is a coexistence of carpal tunnel and basal joint arthritis of the thumb. That is many people who have arthritis of the thumb also present with symptoms of carpal tunnel. This type of arthritis results from wear and tear of the thumb where the cartilage at the thumb joint wears away.

If you are experienced wrist pain, tingling, and numbness and believe you have carpal tunnel, it’s a good idea to visit us here at Florida Hand Center to determine if you also have basal joint arthritis of your thumb. In this way, we can treat both conditions simultaneously, to provide you with the relief you need to resume activities you’d like to do.

Your treatment may include steroid injections, wearing a brace, and activity modifications. In some cases, surgery is indicated.  
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