Work Injuries

Hand injuries can inhibit your work life, your leisure time, and your ability to take care of yourself. One easy way to injure your hands is through typing. This type of injury is much more common than you think. People think that they are perfectly safe sitting in front of their computer typing away, but the repetitive motion of punching keys can put you at risk.

The most common hand and wrist injury seen due to typing is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There is a higher incidence of this condition in people who perform repetitive motions, such as typing or needlework, and this condition can cause you to develop uncomfortable symptoms.

These symptoms include tingling, weakness, numbness in the fingers, a ‘burning’ sensation in the hand, swelling in acute cases, and pain. Prevent typing injuries by exercising proper posture and positioning of the wrists while typing.

Also, a very effective way to forgo any hand or wrist issues due to repetitive motions is to stretch and take breaks. Work in a healthy manner with tips from the Florida Hand Center.