Why a Good Hand Surgeon Doesn’t Always Operate

Surgery is in their title – so why would a hand surgeon choose not to operate when presented with a vulnerable patient? Simple – a good hand surgeon puts their patients first, and surgery second. Regardless of how standard a surgery may be, a good hand surgeon will always provide the simpler, less expensive as an option to his or her patients. Here are some reasons why:

You may not need surgery
While certain hand pain is tied to disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome or more complicated issues involving nerves, tendons and ligaments – surgery is often not required to alleviate symptoms and achieve relief. A hand surgeon is trained to analyze their patient’s symptoms and explore the nature of their pain and discomfort – learning about their daily activities and how they use their hands. By gathering this information, a hand surgeon may be able to identify treatment options including physical therapy and exercises that can prevent the need for hand surgery.

You visited a hand surgeon early enough
One of the best ways to avoid hand surgery is visiting a hand surgeon as soon as symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand pain present themselves. Delaying consultation can cement damage and pressure to nerves, eliminating surgery alternatives. A good hand surgeon will recognize these early symptoms and guide you in ways to prevent further damage in order to avoid surgery.

They put your needs first
The bottom line is a good hand surgeon puts your needs before his or her own. While surgeons love to operate and practice their craft, a good hand surgeon will only do so if it is the best thing for the patient. Finding a hand surgeon that welcomes questions and presents a variety of hand treatment options is important to ensure your needs come first.