What to look for looking for a hand surgeon or hand surgeons to treat hand pain

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – When hand pain becomes bothersome, it is probably time to consult a hand surgeon. Hand surgeons spend years focusing on problems and conditions that affect the hand, wrist and arm.

A fellowship trained hand surgeon is the person most qualified to determine whether hand pain will require surgery, or whether a less invasive treatment will cure the problem.

The key to proper treatment often involves finding an experienced  hand surgeon – one that has the background to properly diagnose the problem and the skills to treat it

What should a person suffering hand pain look for when selecting a hand surgeon? Here are four factors to consider.

Education/Experience: If you’re suffering from hand pain and looking for a hand surgeonfactor in post-graduate Board Certifications and hand fellowship training to make the best decision for your care.

Rapport: Patients who turn to a hand surgeon for treatment of hand pain should be able to communicate easily and effectively with their doctor. A patient interviewing potential hand surgeons should make note of how they feel emotionally during the initial consultations.

Is there a doctor who explained the treatment particularly well? Was the hand surgeon able to clearly answer all questions? Is the patient satisfied that the hand surgeon will be available for post-surgical visits? A good relationship with a hand surgeon will allow the patient to be more comfortable with the procedure.

Word of Mouth: Most patients experiencing hand pain will need to consult hand surgeons in their medical provider’s network. Do some research on those doctors. Asks friends, family and co-workers whether they have ever visited a particular hand surgeon.

Check the internet for reports about particular doctors. A little digging will often provide even more peace of mind.

Specialize: Look for a hand surgeon that meets all of the above criteria who has decided to focus on eliminating hand pain. For instance, while a general orthopedic surgeon is qualified to treat many hand and arm problems, their practice may focus more on knee, hip or shoulder conditions.

The hand surgeons at Florida Hand Center have devoted their careers to solely diagnosing and treating hand and arm conditions.

Patients who follow these guidelines when looking for a hand surgeon to treat their hand pain should enjoy greater comfort when making what can be one of the most important decisions of their lives.

About Florida Hand Center
Florida Hand Center is a specialized medical facility focused on minimally invasive hand and arm treatments. Founded by Dr. Stephen Helgemo, Florida’s leading carpal tunnel doctor, the facility offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment options and has thousands of patient success stories.

Some of the most commonly treated conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, basilar joint arthritis, cubital tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, lateral epicondylitis and injuries to the hand, wrist and fingers.

Florida Hand Center provides on-site diagnostic testing such as nerve tests and imaging and saves patients time and money each year by offering quick, safe and successful in-office procedures.