What is a Hand Screening Seminar and Who Should Attend?

Dr. Helgemo and the staff at the Florida Hand Center offer free hand screenings and educational seminars for people experiencing hand pain or who may be in need of carpal tunnel treatment  or other hand and arm treatments in Port Charlotte or the west coast of Florida.

The seminar and screening gives prospective patients the opportunity to have a board certified hand specialist review their hand pain and make a preliminary assessment of the cause.

What is the seminar about?

Each seminar consists of a twenty-minute presentation about common hand symptoms and conditions. Dr. Helgemo, a leader in the treatment of hand pain – including carpal tunnel syndrome in Port Charlotte- will then discuss cutting edge, minimally-invasive treatment options available for these problems including effective nonsurgical treatments.

What is a hand screening?

After the presentation Dr. Helgemo sees each person individually to discuss their specific hand pain, give a preliminary diagnosis, and recommend treatments or testing. Everyone receives additional information about their condition(s) before leaving and has the opportunity to schedule an appointment with the Florida Hand Center if treatment or further testing is indicated.

Who should attend?

The seminar discusses symptoms that people of all ages experience can benefit from. There is a lot of misinformation and myths about these symptoms and therefore an importance in understanding what is fact versus fiction, especially when it comes to carpal tunnel treatment in Port Charlotte and other common hand conditions. Individuals experiencing any of the signs of common hand problems on a regular basis or anyone interested in minimally invasive hand treatment options are advised to attend the Florida Hand Center seminar and screening.

Register for an upcoming seminar and screening

Florida Hand Center offers seminars and hand screenings each month in Port Charlotte, Fort Myers and surrounding areas. For more information see our upcoming seminar and hand screening schedule or call our office at 877-892-4263. Registration is required and space is limited.

* The preliminary diagnosis is for educational purposes and a full evaluation of hand pain is required before a treatment can be given.