Trigger Finger

If you find yourself experiencing clicking, stiffness or pain in your fingers (or any combination of these) you might be dealing with a condition called trigger finger. These specific symptoms are all common with the trigger finger condition.

Diagnosis can easily be made by your physician or the physicians at Florida Hand Center. Caused by the thickening of the tendon in your palm, Florida Hand Center can alleviate this discomfort with a non-surgical treatment in their office such as a cortisone injection.

Florida Hand Center has a 79% success rate with this treatment for trigger finger.  If the symptoms are not alleviated then an in-office procedure is recommended where a small incision is made in the palm of the hand and then closed with one stitch.In only a few days days patients can resume gentle use of the hand.

Dr. Helgemo and Dr. Olarte treat hundreds of trigger fingers each year at Florida Hand Center and are both Board Certified Surgeons only treated conditions of the hand and arm as part of their practice.