Treatment Options and Tools for Arthritis Sufferers

Here at Florida Hand Center we have treated thousands patients with arthritis in their hands both surgically and non-surgically. It is important to note that we do not “cure” the arthritis as there is no treatment to slow or eliminate arthritis completely. What we do is treat the arthritic pain, which is the chief complaint our patients have about their condition.

Some of the available treatments include therapy for joint protection exercises, splinting, selective nerve blockers, topical nutritional ointments, joint replacements or fusions. However, many of our arthritic patients received a cortisone injection at the site of the pain that provides the pain relief they need. Sometimes it is just that simple. However, if the pain is recurrent after time, then we do recommend looking at some of the surgical options available to alleviate the pain permanently.

Arthritis in the base of the thumb, known as basilar joint arthritis, is one of the most commonly treated conditions here at our facility. We see hundreds of patients each year that suffer from this condition, and our first course of treatment is a quick cortisone injection in that area, along with the bracing of that joint for two weeks. This combination helps the majority of our patients avoid surgery altogether, with only 5% needing surgical treatment in the future. Click here to listen to Vicki’s testimonial about her experience at our Florida Hand Center with her basilar joint arthritis pain or to learn more about basilar joint arthritis, visit https://www.floridahandcenter.com/treatments/basilar-joint-arthritis.

We also recently came across an article from everydayhealth.com that showcases 10 different everyday tools to help arthritis sufferers handle various activities, and we wanted to share this content with our patients and followers. Arthritis can not only be extremely painful, but can place limitations on the day-to-day tasks that most people do with ease such as lifting, twisting and gripping. We hope that one or more of these tools can help some of the arthritis sufferers out there manage their daily activities, but please keep in mind that not all arthritis pain has to be tolerated or managed.

The bottom line is that life is too short to live with severe limitations and constant pain. If you are tired of living with arthritic pain and want to learn more about treatment options available, please contact our office to see if we can help.