Treating Lateral Epicondylitis is Important

When you play tennis or other repetitive sports a lot, you can get something called “tennis elbow.” It’s a common injury, and doesn’t have to come from sports. It can also come from other repetitive movements. The official name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis, and it may need treatment. Some mild cases will resolve on their own, but if it doesn’t go away or it gets worse, you’ll want to make sure you see a hand doctor who also works with wrist and elbow injuries. That can help you get the best treatment for your lateral epicondylitis, so you can get back to playing tennis or doing other activities you enjoy.

Treating Lateral Epicondylitis Matters

While it’s tempting to shrug off an injury and not worry too much about a little bit of pain in your elbow, that may not be a good idea. Over time, a joint or other area of the body that is getting damaged and causing pain can become much more uncomfortable. The damage that is being done can also become more severe each time you use that part of your body, especially if you don’t give it adequate healing time. While you may not need surgery or other treatment, it’s important to talk to your hand doctor and determine if there’s any treatment needed. Doctors who specialize in hand surgery also often focus on wrists and elbows, so they’re very knowledgeable about conditions like tennis elbow.

Be Sure to Choose the Right Hand Specialist

The main goal of getting your tennis elbow treated is choosing the right doctor. That not only gives you the highest chance at a great outcome, but it can also give you peace of mind and help you feel more comfortable. Having a good relationship with your doctor is an excellent way to get your questions answered and feel good about any treatment that’s needed, even if you have to have surgery for your lateral epicondylitis.

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