Tips for Diagnosing Joint and Finger Arthritis

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – With more and more American’s suffering from hand pain many are consulting with a hand specialist to determine whether they are suffering from a condition such as finger arthritis or joint arthritis.

While a hand specialist like those at Florida Hand Center can often offer a definitive diagnosis regarding finger or joint arthritis, there are some symptoms hand pain suffers can look for prior to consulting a physician.

Here are five symptoms to look for when considering whether a painful hand might be arthritic.

1. Painful Joints – The most common symptom of arthritis is joint pain. Joint arthritis pain isn’t the same among all arthritis suffers, and can increase as the arthritic condition worsens. With finger arthritis, pain can appear in any or all of the three joints.

2. Swelling Joints – Joint swelling can occur with many conditions, but the most common cause is arthritis.Check for an injury to the joint first. If there isn’t a recent injury, joint arthritis is likely the cause.

3. Joint stiffness – Arthritis sufferers usually feel stiffness in their joints. When looking at potential finger arthritis, compare the movement of the painful finger with the same finger on the opposite hand.

4. Joint deformity – Fingers no longer straight? That’s a pretty sure sign that finger arthritis has set in. Chances are that by the time this symptom shows, sufferers have already consulted a hand specialist. If not, now might be a good time to do so.

5. Joint Tenderness – If simply touching the joint makes it hurt, there’s a pretty good chance joint arthritis could be present. That usually shows there is some inflammation in the joint.

These are not the only symptoms of joint arthritis, but they are some of the most common. Those suffering from any of these symptoms should consider consulting a hand specialist for a firm diagnosis. The earlier joint arthritis is diagnosed by a hand specialist like those at Florida Hand Center, the earlier treatment can begin.

While there is no cure for arthritis, treatments by the Florida Hand Center can help mute and alleviate pain associated with arthritis.