Signs of Common Hand Problems

If you are consistently experiencing any of the problems below, including carpal tunnel syndrome, hand circulation problems or hand tendon problems, you may be suffering from one or more of the many treatable common hand or arm problems.

A quick consult with Dr. Stephen Helgemo, the leading hand doctor in Port Charlotte, will help diagnose the problem more accurately.

1. carpal tunnel syndrome symptomslike numbness and tingling in the hand or fingers
2. carpal tunnel syndrome problemsthat cause the hands to fall asleep
3. Numbness or pain that affects other fingers and moves up the forearm
4. Fingers that lock or click – indicating hand tendon problems
5. Finger pain and/or stiffness, which could also be hand tendon problems
6. Pain in the wrist or thumb (especially with activities like gripping, twisting or pinching)
7. Swelling in the wrist, hand or fingers
8. Inability to straighten one or more fingers
9. Lump in the hand or fingers
10. Weakness or clumsiness when using the hand

Keep in mind that these symptoms can be expected occasionally. If your symptoms are persistent, then you need to seek the advice of a hand doctor in Port Charlotte for diagnosis and to determine if treatment is necessary. Dr. Helgemo and the staff at the Florida Hand Center see hundreds of patients a year with these symptoms and have great success with treatment, which is usually nonsurgical.

If you are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, hand circulation problems or hand tendon problems, be sure to consult with the leading hand doctor in Port Charlotte: Dr. Stephen Helgemo.