Preventing Hand Injuries in Boxing

Boxing as Sport and Exercise

As both sport and an exercise, boxing has come a long way. Professionals have continued to push the boundaries of what the human body can do, rocketing to unprecedented superstardom.

The rising popularity of this ancient sport has made more and more people want to try it. Today, men and women of all ages and backgrounds are actively practicing boxing or engaging in boxing-related forms of exercise. However, when “ trying their hand” in the boxing ring, people really must realize just how trying this sport can be ON their hands. If you are experiencing issues with your hands as a result of your boxing moves consult with a qualified medical professional as soon as possible.

Preventing Boxing Hand Pain and Hand Injuries

Although doctors can work wonders when treating hand pain/injuries, wise boxers will protect their hands from the very start. Here are just a couple simple things that you can do to help stop boxing-associated hand issues before they arise.

Get the right boxing gloves: Depending on the specific boxing activities that interest you, you may want to purchase two different sets of gloves. If you are engaging in a significant amount of sparring, you should have a pair of boxing gloves that are specifically devoted to this activity. When compared with standard training gloves, sparring gloves feature extra padding, If you weigh more than 147 pounds you and your sparring partner should wear gloves that weigh at least 16 ounces.  If you weigh less than 147 pounds, your gloves should weigh at least 14 ounces. By contrast, training gloves, trade the comfort of padding for more overall protection. If you spend a lot of time on the heavy bag and/or practicing other types of bag work, you’ll be able to hit harder without injury if your gloves are bigger and structurally reinforced.

>strong>Wrap your hands properly: No matter if you are sparring or doing bag work, ensure that your hands are well wrapped to avoid stress and injury. Use a minimum of 180 inches of semi-elastic wrap to provide adequate production. There are many approved methods of wrapping your hands. Just be sure to get professional advice and practice your wrapping technique carefully. Start wrapping with your hand fully outstretched. When you make a fist, the wrap should tighten. Avoid wrapping too tightly; however, or you will reduce blood flow and experience significant discomfort. Wrapping between the fingers will reduce both pain and injury by providing added support.

Learn More and Get a Free Hand Screening

If you have questions about preventing and treating hand injuries from boxing, contact the Florida Hand Center today. The Florida Hand Center also offers free screening appointments for hand injuries at its Fort Myers office on Monday and Tuesday of each week (with the exception of holidays and office closures). Just visit the official Florida Hand Center website to schedule an appointment.