Patient Testimonials

The testimonials that Florida Hand Center receives from the many patients that visit our doctors and staff are heartwarming.

With so many testimonials from former patients who have undergone surgery and treatments, it is wonderful to know that they felt that we gave them the respect and level of care that they needed.

The wonderful responses we get from our patients not only make the staff feel like they have touched someone’s life for the better, but it also allows future patients who are experiencing fear and uncertainty to confirm through the eyes of past patients that they can place their trust in our hands.

Read below for a wonderful testimonial from a former patient:

My experience with FHC was exceptional from start to finish. Dr. Olarte and the staff were great, caring, reassuring and most helpful. Every step from pre-op to discharge was fully explained in terms a layman could understand. I would highly recommend the FHC to anyone.” Louise R.