Florida Hand Center presents carpal tunnel FAQs covering carpal tunnel symptoms, carpal tunnel treatment, surgery

Carpal tunnel sufferers often wonder upon diagnosis whether their carpal tunnel symptoms will require carpal tunnel treatment or carpal tunnel surgery. Florida Hand Center, founded and run by Florida’s leading carpal tunnel surgeon, understands that doctors who diagnose carpal tunnel properly can frequently provide a successful carpal tunnel treatment.  But some suffers are reluctant to see a doctor because they think their symptoms could be attributed to some other minor affliction. With that in mind, Florida Hand Center presents these frequently asked questions concerning carpal tunnel syndrome. What are the most common carpal tunnel symptoms? The most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are  tingling sensations and numbness in the…

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Signs of tennis elbow are different than elbow arthritis and treatment is offered at Florida Hand Center

Patients in search of tennis elbow treatment often ask whether tennis elbow is the same as elbow arthritis.It isn’t. The simple difference is that tennis elbow ( also known as lateral epicondylitis) affects the tendons around the elbow, while elbow arthritis is a joint affliction. Both can be painful, but it’s important to diagnose the proper cause of the elbow pain. If it turns out to be tendon related, tennis elbow treatment can be effective, but may require several treatments and occupational therapy. But first, the signs of tennis elbow.While elbow pain associated with tennis elbow can come on suddenly and be severe, more frequently it develops slowly, with the…

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Common Causes of Wrist Pain

Dequervain’s tendonitis  is a common cause of wrist pain that can lead to the need for wrist surgery, if non-surgical treatment is unsuccesful, but it is not the only cause of pain and luckily not all wrist pain ailments require surgery. Some causes of wrist pain aren’t nearly as severe and the ailment can be remedied with a cortisone injection, activity modification, splinting and simple exercises. That’s a good thing, because at Florida Hand Center, wrist surgery is a last resort. Here is a list of common causes of wrist pain. Whether the discomfort is caused by dequervain’s tendonitis  or something less sinister, sufferers are encouraged to consult a hand…

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Signs you may have Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a common finger problem that can usually be remedied with minimal finger treatment performed in-office at Florida Hand Center, but sometimes requires finger surgery.It results from thickening of the tendon in the palm. The thickening produces a finger problem that results in pain and/or difficulty bending or straightening the finger or thumb. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate trigger finger as a possible condition: Locking or clicking – can prevent the finger from moving. Pain – which can be felt when trying to move the finger or sometimes when the finger is at rest. Stiffness – making it difficult to move the finger. Lump –…

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Signs you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As instances of carpal tunnel syndrome become more common, more and more suffers are turning to a carpal tunnel doctor for a carpal tunnel treatment than sometimes involves carpal tunnel surgery. Doctors who diagnose carpal tunnel properly can frequently provide a successful carpal tunnel treatment, but some suffers are reluctant to see a doctor because they think the symptoms could be attributed to some other minor affliction. Waiting to have the hand by a carpal tunnel doctor not only increases the chance for more damage to the median nerve, it also increases the likelihood that carpal tunnel surgery may be required. The most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are…

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Tips for Diagnosing Joint and Finger Arthritis

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – With more and more American’s suffering from hand pain many are consulting with a hand specialist to determine whether they are suffering from a condition such as finger arthritis or joint arthritis. While a hand specialist like those at Florida Hand Center can often offer a definitive diagnosis regarding finger or joint arthritis, there are some symptoms hand pain suffers can look for prior to consulting a physician. Here are five symptoms to look for when considering whether a painful hand might be arthritic. 1. Painful Joints – The most common symptom of arthritis is joint pain. Joint arthritis pain isn’t the same among all arthritis suffers,…

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Florida Hand Center’s new portal improves communication about carpal tunnel syndrome, hand surgery arthritis Florida

For patients dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, the after effects of hand surgery or arthritis, Florida Hand Center now offers an easier way to communicate witheir staff regarding treatment and follow up care. The new patient portal on Florida Hand Center’s web site can help shorten doctor visits while helping patients get easy answers to their questions about carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. FloridaCenter’s can register to use the patient portal with their name and email address at https://www.floridahandcenter.com/patient-center, then take advantage of the all the new and convenient features. “We’re excited to bring these new online features as an added convenience and hope that these capabilities help improve patient…

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Congratulations to Dr. Helgemo!

We want to take a moment to congratulate our very own Dr. Stephen Helgemo for being listed for the third consecutive year in Gulfshore Life Magazine’s Top Doc List (2009 – 2011).Each year Gulfshore Life Magazine partners with Castle Connolly Medical School in New York and publishes a list of leading physicians in Collier, Lee and Charlotte Counties, using an independent study. Physicians are selected based on surveys and electronic ballots submitted by the leaders at hospitals and medical practices, and each physician’s experience, expertise and training is considered and scrutinized in this process. Dr. Helgemo is a Johns Hopkins trained physician and a dual board certified hand surgeon.  He has been a practicing hand…

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Happy National Nurses Week!

We’d like to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the nurses at Florida Hand Center for their dedication, hard work and commitment to exceptional patient care.  Here are just a few reasons our nurses are top notch: They truly care about our patient’s health and well being They offer a warm smile to each individual that sets foot in our office They work tirelessly to ensure that each patient is seen as quickly as possible, while still focusing on the importance of diagnostics They gather thorough medical history and health information from each patient They entertain and calm scared and screaming children They help the elderly with the…

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Treatment Options and Tools for Arthritis Sufferers

Here at Florida Hand Center we have treated thousands patients with arthritis in their hands both surgically and non-surgically. It is important to note that we do not “cure” the arthritis as there is no treatment to slow or eliminate arthritis completely. What we do is treat the arthritic pain, which is the chief complaint our patients have about their condition. Some of the available treatments include therapy for joint protection exercises, splinting, selective nerve blockers, topical nutritional ointments, joint replacements or fusions. However, many of our arthritic patients received a cortisone injection at the site of the pain that provides the pain relief they need. Sometimes it is just…

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