What to look for looking for a hand surgeon or hand surgeons to treat hand pain

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – When hand pain becomes bothersome, it is probably time to consult a hand surgeon. Hand surgeons spend years focusing on problems and conditions that affect the hand, wrist and arm. A fellowship trained hand surgeon is the person most qualified to determine whether hand pain will require surgery, or whether a less invasive treatment will cure the problem. The key to proper treatment often involves finding an experienced  hand surgeon – one that has the background to properly diagnose the problem and the skills to treat it What should a person suffering hand pain look for when selecting a hand surgeon? Here are four factors to…

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Florida Hand Center Team Participates in Local Triathlon

Congratulations to the Florida Hand Center triathletes for competing in the Tri Charlotte Triathlon on Sunday, April 1st!  Participants in the event included several Florida Hand Center staff members, friends and family members, all sporting their Florida Hand Center wet suits designed by our own Dr. Stephen Helgemo. The race started at South Country Regional Park and featured a 400 yard pool-swim, a 16 mile bike ride and a 5K run and our triathletes have been in training for months in anticipation of the big event.  In fact, most were first time participants in a triathlon. Florida Hand Center staff members Kim Parker, Katrina Miller and Sarah Yagelski all received medals…

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Symptoms indicate whether a sufferer needs a hand doctor or hand specialist

When hands start hurting, it’s common to wonder whether it’s time to seek out a hand doctor or hand specialist. But how can one tell the difference between a normal, everyday, hand problem and one that may require the attention of a hand doctor and specialist? Well, there are some signs that every hand specialist will look for. Symptoms that include persistent pain, numbness, weakness, stiffness, or mobility problems are sure signs that something may be wrong. Some of these symptoms result from an instant injury, like a break or sprain. Others seem to come on over time, and can affect joints, tendons, nerves, or skin. While many  doctors can…

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Congratulations to Dr. Ivan Olarte!

Dr. Ivan Olarte, our new physician at Florida Hand Center, took The American Board of Surgery General Surgery Certification exam this past week. We want to extend a warm and sincere congratulations to him on a job well done in passing his examination to officially become a Board Certified General Surgeon! Dr. Olarte has been a welcomed addition to our staff at Florida Hand Center and has received rave reviews from current and new patients alike for his top-notch treatment of hand and arm conditions and friendly disposition. Dr. Olarte brings to Florida Hand Center a background in General Surgery coupled with hand fellowship training, and is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish fluently. To learn…

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Dr. Helgemo to Present at Charlotte Regional’s Mini Med School

Are you suffering from a common hand or arm problem and need answers about treatment options?  Hear Dr. Stephen Helgemo of Florida Hand Center speak at Charlotte Regional Medical Center’s Mini Med School next week on Wednesday March 7th at 2:15pm. Dr. Helgemo will discuss the most common conditions in the hand and arm area as well as review minimally invasive and non-surgical treatment options available at Florida Hand Center. More information about the event can be found here:https://www.charlotteregional.com/News/NewsDetail.aspx?a=5624&ReturnUrl=%2FNews%2Fdefault.aspx. Florida Hand Center is a specialized medical facility focused on minimally invasive hand and arm treatments. Founded by Dr. Stephen Helgemo,Florida’s leading carpal tunnel doctor, the facility offers both surgical and…

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Florida Hand Center presents carpal tunnel FAQs covering carpal tunnel symptoms, carpal tunnel treatment, surgery

Carpal tunnel sufferers often wonder upon diagnosis whether their carpal tunnel symptoms will require carpal tunnel treatment or carpal tunnel surgery. Florida Hand Center, founded and run by Florida’s leading carpal tunnel surgeon, understands that doctors who diagnose carpal tunnel properly can frequently provide a successful carpal tunnel treatment.  But some suffers are reluctant to see a doctor because they think their symptoms could be attributed to some other minor affliction. With that in mind, Florida Hand Center presents these frequently asked questions concerning carpal tunnel syndrome. What are the most common carpal tunnel symptoms? The most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are  tingling sensations and numbness in the…

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Signs of tennis elbow are different than elbow arthritis and treatment is offered at Florida Hand Center

Patients in search of tennis elbow treatment often ask whether tennis elbow is the same as elbow arthritis.It isn’t. The simple difference is that tennis elbow ( also known as lateral epicondylitis) affects the tendons around the elbow, while elbow arthritis is a joint affliction. Both can be painful, but it’s important to diagnose the proper cause of the elbow pain. If it turns out to be tendon related, tennis elbow treatment can be effective, but may require several treatments and occupational therapy. But first, the signs of tennis elbow.While elbow pain associated with tennis elbow can come on suddenly and be severe, more frequently it develops slowly, with the…

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Common Causes of Wrist Pain

Dequervain’s tendonitis  is a common cause of wrist pain that can lead to the need for wrist surgery, if non-surgical treatment is unsuccesful, but it is not the only cause of pain and luckily not all wrist pain ailments require surgery. Some causes of wrist pain aren’t nearly as severe and the ailment can be remedied with a cortisone injection, activity modification, splinting and simple exercises. That’s a good thing, because at Florida Hand Center, wrist surgery is a last resort. Here is a list of common causes of wrist pain. Whether the discomfort is caused by dequervain’s tendonitis  or something less sinister, sufferers are encouraged to consult a hand…

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Signs you may have Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a common finger problem that can usually be remedied with minimal finger treatment performed in-office at Florida Hand Center, but sometimes requires finger surgery.It results from thickening of the tendon in the palm. The thickening produces a finger problem that results in pain and/or difficulty bending or straightening the finger or thumb. Here are some of the symptoms that indicate trigger finger as a possible condition: Locking or clicking – can prevent the finger from moving. Pain – which can be felt when trying to move the finger or sometimes when the finger is at rest. Stiffness – making it difficult to move the finger. Lump –…

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Signs you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As instances of carpal tunnel syndrome become more common, more and more suffers are turning to a carpal tunnel doctor for a carpal tunnel treatment than sometimes involves carpal tunnel surgery. Doctors who diagnose carpal tunnel properly can frequently provide a successful carpal tunnel treatment, but some suffers are reluctant to see a doctor because they think the symptoms could be attributed to some other minor affliction. Waiting to have the hand by a carpal tunnel doctor not only increases the chance for more damage to the median nerve, it also increases the likelihood that carpal tunnel surgery may be required. The most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are…

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