Meet Our Occupational Therapist

We are excited to welcome Sarah Yagelski to Southwest Florida Hand Specialists as our new occupational therapist!  Sarah comes to us with over five years of field work, study and professional experience and is already working with many patients in their treatment process.

Sarah is a graduate of Ball State University where she majored in exercise science and graduated magna cum laude.  She completed her masters of science in occupational therapy from Indiana University and is a certified lymphedema therapist.  Sarah has worked at hand centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and in the home care environment, and has always had a special interest in hand therapy.  When Sarah is not working she enjoys running, beach volleyball and reading.  Sarah is married and has a golden retriever named Indy who constantly entertains her with puppy antics.

Many of our patients will not need to visit Sarah as part of the treatment process, but having an occupational therapist onsite for our patients is another way we offer the convenience of full service treatment of the hand and arm.  Conditions that typically require occupational therapy include joint stiffness, wound or scar problems, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), fractures of the finger, hand or wrist as well as patients that have had a carpal metacarpal arthroplasty to treat basilar joint arthritis.  Patients that come to us from out-of-town will be referred to an occupational therapist in their immediate area.   We welcome Sarah to the Southwest Florida Hand Specialists family and hope that our patients like her as much as we do!