The Many Causes and Treatments of Wrist Pain

What Causes Wrist Pain – Quick Overview from the Florida Hand Center

Wrist pain is a generalized common complaint and it can be challenging to diagnose the true cause.The Florida Hand Center has a highly-qualified team of medical experts that can help you find the source of the pain so that you can receive specific and successful treatment.

The wrist is a complex joint made up of eight small bones with many small joints to allow you to perform a multitude of fine movements. The most common cause for wrist pain is trauma from falling on your hands, which can cause a sprain or even a fracture.

Sport injuries are another cause for wrist pain, due to the stress that repetitive movements may have on your wrists and its cartilage.  Tendonitis and arthritis can also cause wrist pain.

Most wrist treatments are relieved without surgery, so schedule a consultation today and let us help you bring an end to your discomfort.