Holiday Hand Safety

As the temperature turns cooler and we get closer to the holiday season it is important to remember the need for hand safety.  Thanksgiving is this month–the holiday of family, turkey, and football. Keep safe this holiday by remembering a few tips that will guarantee that you make it through without a hitch.

Each year people sustain hand injuries while preparing the feast. Accidents occur very easily when carving so remember never to cut toward yourself, keep your work area well-lit and dry, and use kitchen shears when things get too tough.

Also it is important to know when or if you should visit your local hospital. If after applying continuous pressure to that affected area for 15 minutes does not stop the bleeding, you are experiencing persistent numbness or tingling in your fingertips, or you are unsure of tetanus immunization status it would be best to have your injury looked at by a professional.

Keep safe this holiday season by practicing these safety tips from the Florida Hand Center.