Hand specialist doctor Stephen Helgemo presents hand specialists videos, including actual surgical procedures

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. – Hand specialist Doctor Stephen Helgemo and the Florida Hand Center have created a new tool for patients or those considering hand treatment who want to know more about what they can expect from Florida’s leading carpal tunnel doctor.

The Florida Hand Center’s web site (www.FloridaHandCenter.com) now features a video page containing videos that discuss different forms of treatments and show some of the procedures performed by the FHC hand specialists.

Videos available on the page show in detail different surgeries performed by hand specialist Doctor Stephen Helgemo, who is  Florida’s leading carpal tunnel doctor by AHCA’s most recent data.

Florida Hand Center understands that it can be a difficult decision to seek treatment and consult with hand specialists. Videos such as the ones now available on the Florida Hand Center site will help inform and educate those that are living with a hand or arm condition.

In one of the most viewed videos, carpal tunnel doctor Stephen Helgemo performs an Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery, which is the minimally invasive method of treatment performed by the physicians at Florida Hand Center. There are also videos documenting Needle Aponeurotomy, which is the minimally invasive procedure to treat Dupuytren’s Contracture and Trigger Finger Release performed by the hand specialists.

Florida Hand Center is one of the few treatment facilities that offer in-office procedures like Trigger Finger Release and Needle Aponeurotomy.

Videos providing basic information about Basilar Joint Arthritis, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can also be found on the site.

Some of the more helpful videos may be the testimonials from patients who’ve been treated by Florida Hand Center’s hand specialists – videos which allow potential patients to understand how much their lives can improve with proper treatment.

Those considering  a consultation with a carpal tunnel doctor or any other hand specialist doctors are invited to visit the Florida Hand Center’s web channel (http://www.FloridaHandCenter.com/videos/videos).

The hand specialists videos showcased on the website confirm how minimally invasive these treatments can be

About Florida Hand Center

Florida Hand Center is a specialized medical facility focused on minimally invasive hand and arm treatments. Founded by Dr. Stephen Helgemo, Florida’s leading carpal tunnel doctor, the facility offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment options and has thousands of patient success stories.

Some of the most commonly treated conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, basilar joint arthritis, cubital tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, lateral epicondylitis and injuries to the hand, wrist and fingers.

Florida Hand Center provides on-site diagnostic testing such as nerve tests and imaging and saves patients time and money each year by offering quick, safe and successful in-office procedures.