Getting Relief for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome With Exercise

Cubital tunnel syndrome, otherwise known as ulnar nerve compression syndrome, occurs when repeated movements in the elbow result in the buildup of pressure in the joint. The nerve reacts to this pressure by producing pain, numbness or tingling, reports WebMD. While hand surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome is an option, these exercises may be able to reduce the severity of symptoms.

1. Flex the Arm Slowly to Relieve Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Pain.

Begin this exercise by raising the affected arm out directly in front of you. Point your fingers toward the ground, explains Healthline. Slowly bend the elbow until the wrist is nearly touching the face. Slowly extend the elbow back out without flexing the wrist. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

2. Open-Hands Nerve Gliding Reduces Pressure Buildup.

Put the arm out in front as explained in Exercise 1. Curl your fingers up toward your wrist, then extend them backward. Point your fingers out straight, and. bend the elbow back toward your body without curling your fingers. This will encourage the nerve to glide through the elbow smoothly, asserts the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Repeat five to 10 times daily.

3. Spread the Fingers Out.

The ulnar nerve controls sensations in the outer two fingers of each hand. Put your arms out straight, and spread your fingers as far apart from one another as possible. Hold that position for five seconds, and return your fingers to a curled, resting position. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

4. Modify Arm Flexion Exercise.

This final exercise is similar to Exercise 1. However, extend the affected arm out to the side . Bending your hand upward,as if placing the palm of your hand on a door jam, slowly bend the elbow , so your arm forms a circle that connects with your ear. Slowly release this exercise, and repeat between five and 10 times.

These four exercises may help alleviate the pain caused from cubital tunnel syndrome. However, people with severe symptoms should see a qualified hand specialist before attempting these exercises. To find out if the pain in your hands is being caused by this type of nerve problem, contact the Florida Hand Center online or by calling 1 (941) 625-3782 today.