Florida Hand Center’s new portal improves communication about carpal tunnel syndrome, hand surgery arthritis Florida

For patients dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, the after effects of hand surgery or arthritis, Florida Hand Center now offers an easier way to communicate witheir staff regarding treatment and follow up care.

The new patient portal on Florida Hand Center’s web site can help shorten doctor visits while helping patients get easy answers to their questions about carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

FloridaCenter’s can register to use the patient portal with their name and email address at https://www.floridahandcenter.com/patient-center, then take advantage of the all the new and convenient features.

“We’re excited to bring these new online features as an added convenience and hope that these
capabilities help improve patient experience with our facility,” said Dr. Stephen Helgemo “As always, Florida Hand Center will continue to develop ways to better communicate with patients and offer the best in surgical and non-surgical options for hand and arm conditions.”

New patients who will be coming to Florida Hand Center for treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome or any other ailment can save time by filling out the required patient registration forms online via the patient portal.

At that time patients can also provide their health history, providing specifics about current medications, ailments, the onset of afflictions and any past history of hand surgery. Once registered, the patient portal can then be used to schedule an appointment that will help relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow or arthritis.

Florida Hand Center’s new patient portal also provides many conveniences for current patients. Now those who have turned to Florida’s leader in hand care for hand surgeryor more basic care can pay bills online or ask billing questions.

The patient portal also makes it easier for patients to keep in touch with Florida Hand Center. Patients with questions about their recovery following hand surgery,their medication or pain management can use the Ask a Nurse function. Submit questions about treatments or symptoms of afflictions such as carpal tunnel syndrome arthritis. FloridaHand Center will send a response in less than 24 hours.

The patient portal is powered by Inuit and Greenway. It is available to past patients, current patients and prospective patients.