Florida Hand Center presents carpal tunnel FAQs covering carpal tunnel symptoms, carpal tunnel treatment, surgery

Carpal tunnel sufferers often wonder upon diagnosis whether their carpal tunnel symptoms will require carpal tunnel treatment or carpal tunnel surgery.

Florida Hand Center, founded and run by Florida’s leading carpal tunnel surgeon, understands that doctors who diagnose carpal tunnel properly can frequently provide a successful carpal tunnel treatment.  But some suffers are reluctant to see a doctor because they think their symptoms could be attributed to some other minor affliction.

With that in mind, Florida Hand Center presents these frequently asked questions concerning carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the most common carpal tunnel symptoms?

The most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are  tingling sensations and numbness in the hand and fingers, specifically in the thumb, pointer and middle fingers, which worsens at night. Pain may often extend throughout the hand and even up to the elbow or shoulder.  Pain and soreness in the hands and finger are also common symptoms.

Though not considered a carpal tunnel treatment, people experiencing the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome may find that shaking the hand relieves these symptoms, but this relief is temporary.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Compression of the median nerve as it courses through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.  Repetitive activity can exacerbate the problem, but may not necessarily be the cause. Some other conditions that are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, but are not considered to be direct causes, include diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis, and pregnancy.

Do carpal tunnel symptoms only occur when doing  activities?

A carpal tunnel doctor often hears that the patient’s pain and tingling get worse at night, and can affect sleep. The effects of carpal tunnel can be felt while doing such mundane activities as driving or cooking or even when doing nothing at all.

What should I do if I’m experiencing these carpal tunnel symptoms?

Waiting to have an examination by a carpal tunnel doctor not only increases the chance for more damage to the wrist, it also increases the likelihood that carpal tunnel surgery may be required because of the increase in the severity of the nerve damage

If experiencing these symptoms, consider seeing a carpal tunnel doctor like the ones at Florida Hand Center. Doctors who specialize in carpal tunnel syndrome will likely run a series of simple, non-invasive tests, called nerve conduction studies, to confirm the diagnosis.

What is the carpal tunnel treatment?

If the diagnosis is confirmed, carpal tunnel treatment can begin almost immediately. In moderate cases, carpal tunnel treatment can be quick and non-invasive and may include cortisone injections and bracing. More advanced cases may require carpal tunnel surgery, which doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.  The procedure can be minimally invasive and done in an outpatient surgery center in as little as 5 minutes without stitches.

According to recent AHCA data, Dr. Stephen Helgemo of the Florida Hand Center is Florida’s leading  carpal tunnel surgery expert specializing in the minimally invasive endoscopic technique, which uses a ½ inch incision in the wrist that is closed not with stitches but rather with glue. There is not usually a need for pain medication following the surgery and normal activities within reason can be performed almost immediately.

People suffering from the symptoms above are encouraged to seek carpal tunnel treatment sooner rather than later. More information about the Florida Hand Center’s carpal tunnel treatment be found at https://www.floridahandcenter.com/treatments/carpal-tunnel-syndrome


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