Exploring Treatment Options for Basilar Joint Arthritis

Basilar joint arthritis is a painful condition that affects men and women all over the United States. Fortunately, effective treatment options are available. Below is some information to help you understand this condition and select the best treatment.

Understanding Basilar Joint Arthritis

Basilar joint arthritis is a condition that causes a toothache-like pain in the wrist and thumb when you attempt to twist, pinch or grip an object with that hand. Some patients may also notice pain when the weather changes. This pain is the result of thinning in the cartilage between the wrist and the thumb, which leads to inflammation. You may have this condition in just one hand, or it may affect the thumbs of both hands.

To diagnose this condition, the doctor will collect information about your medical history. He or she will also examine the hand and take x-ray images. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, the doctor will explain available treatment options.

Treatment Options

There is currently no cure for arthritis. However, treatments are available to relieve the pain and restore proper mobility. Some of the treatment options that may work well for people with this condition include:

  • Bracing the thumb. – Bracing the thumb prevents you from using it for a short period of time so the joint can rest. This option may be used in conjunction with other treatments.
  • Steroid injections. – Steroid injections into the area can reduce inflammation, which leads to a reduction in pain.
  • At-home treatment measures. – In some cases, applying ice, heat or topical medications to the area may help to alleviate the pain and bring down swelling.
  • Carpal metacarpal athroplasty. – Carpal metacarpal arthroplasty is a surgical treatment that involves the replacement of the trapezium bone with a tendon from your forearm. During this procedure, the surgeon makes two small incisions. He or she removes the trapezium bone through one of these incisions to create a “scar tissue” joint. Through the other incision, the surgeon removes a tendon from your forearm. This tendon is then used to reconstruct the removed trapezium bone.

Choosing the Right Treatment

Each of the treatment options available for basilar joint arthritis offers different advantages. If you believe that you may have this condition, visiting an experienced hand surgeon is the best way to confirm the diagnosis and choose the right treatment. Please call Florida Hand Center today to make an appointment.