The Doctor Will See You Now: Improving Patient Wait Times

At Florida Hand Center, we care about improving wait times and providing our patients with superior diagnosis and treatment in a timely fashion.

A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal states that according to outside research, orthopedic doctors have the longest wait times of any physician type.

Over 2.4 million patients across the country were surveyed to reveal an average wait time of 29 minutes for orthopedists compared to an average wait time of 22 minutes for all healthcare providers.

The study also states that with every five minutes a patient waits for their appointment; their overall satisfaction in regards to their care is reduced.

What does that tell us?That as a medical facility, we need to focus on measures to reduce patient wait times to ensure our patients are happy with the care they receive Florida Hand Center.

Steps we are taking to reduce patient wait times include:

  1. Streamlining our scheduling systems so patients are able to see a member of our staff regarding their condition without waiting weeks.  This minimizes cancellations, no-shows and overbooking, giving us the ability to devote enough time and attention to provide the proper care.
  2. When booking an appointment, we ask patients to describe the reason(s) for their visit to our scheduling coordinator.  We need to know the symptoms you are experiencing to allot enough time for our providers to diagnose and treat your condition(s).
  3. Asking all new patients with access to the Internet to visit www.floridahandcenter.com/patient-center/patient-forms to print and fill out their necessary paperwork prior to arrival at our office.  This allows our front desk staff to quickly update your insurance information, collect any co-pays and send you back to see our providers as soon as possible and as close to your original appointment time as possible.
  4. If patients are unable to fill out the paperwork prior to their arrival, we ask that you plan to arrive 30 minutes early.  This ensures that you will be able to see your provider in a timely manner and ensures that other appointments throughout the day are not delayed because of someone else’s missing paperwork.
  5. Updating our Electronic Medical Records software to a program that allows us to track where you are in your appointment process at our facility and generates any applicable charges for payment upon check out (not including charges submitted for insurance claims)
  6. Minimizing the number of recheck appointments required for patients that are experiencing normal post-operative results.
  7. Asking patients to provide us with feedback via our Patient Survey.  We truly care about your experience and need to know the areas where we have room for improvement.  Of course, any warranted praise is welcome too!

At Florida Hand Center, we understand your time is valuable, and we make every effort to provide you with a peaceful reception area should you experience a wait time at our facility.

We have refreshments, TV and reading entertainment and a large salt water fish tank to help make any unpreventable wait time comfortable.

As always, we welcome your input regarding how we can deliver better service or treatment to our patients, and we look forward to treating your hand and arm conditions quickly and efficiently!