Common Causes of Wrist Pain

Dequervain’s tendonitis  is a common cause of wrist pain that can lead to the need for wrist surgery, if non-surgical treatment is unsuccesful, but it is not the only cause of pain and luckily not all wrist pain ailments require surgery.

Some causes of wrist pain aren’t nearly as severe and the ailment can be remedied with a cortisone injection, activity modification, splinting and simple exercises. That’s a good thing, because at Florida Hand Center, wrist surgery is a last resort.

Here is a list of common causes of wrist pain. Whether the discomfort is caused by dequervain’s tendonitis  or something less sinister, sufferers are encouraged to consult a hand doctor like the ones at Florida Hand Center before embarking on a course of treatment.

Dequervain’s tendonitis:   can cause wrist pain and difficulty performing normal activities like writing, lifting items or even driving.  Typically wrist surgery can be avoided by trying ,  non-surical treatments first, such as cortisone injections, activity modification, splinting and therapy exercises

Tendonitis: A common problem that can cause wrist pain and swelling, wrist tendonitis is caused by inflammation of the tendon sheath. Treatment of wrist pain caused by tendonitis usually does not require wrist surgery.

Sprain: Wrist sprains are injuries to the ligaments around the wrist joint and can cause persistent wrist pain. Sprains can cause problems by limiting the use of our hands. They are frequently caused when a person tries to break their fall and ends up falling on top of their wrist, instead.

Fracture: A wrist fracture is a common orthopedic injury. Fractures often occur from direct blows to the wrist bone. Wrist fractures may be treated by placing the affected area in a cast. More severe fractures may require wrist surgery

Ganglion Cyst: Swelling that occurs over the back of the hand or wrist is frequently caused by a Ganglion cyst. These benign, fluid-filled sacks are not cancerous, and while they may grow in size, they will not spread to other parts of your body. Frequently these cysts are painless and disappear by themselves. Sometimes, wrist surgery is needed.

Whether suffering from dequervain’s tendonitis, a ganglion cyst or another wrist ailment, it’s important to consult a hand and wrist doctor like those at Florida Hand Center to ascertain the proper course of treatment. Many ailments can be treated with rest and ice and bracing. Others require specific, painless exercises. In extreme cases wrist surgery may be needed to correct the problem.