Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Need Evaluation and Treatment

When you start having pain in your hand and wrist, you may find that you don’t think too much about it. There are braces you can try out, to help your symptoms, and you may put heat or ice on it, or simply change what you do for a few days to help it heal. When it doesn’t go away, though, you may have to see a doctor about it, especially if you’re having carpal tunnel symptoms. Carpal tunnel is a repetitive stress disorder, which causes pain when performing tasks such as typing or any other type of repetitive motion. The pain can also occur at other times, and eventually you may find that the pain doesn’t cease, even if you stop doing the activity that first caused it.

Evaluation of Carpal Tunnel Symptoms is Important

Having a hand surgeon evaluate your carpal tunnel symptoms is very important, because you want to know how serious the problem is, what caused it, and if there’s anything you can do to help it heal. Mild cases generally require only mild treatment, but for more severe cases you may even need hand surgery. Needing surgery is not uncommon for carpal tunnel, and your hand doctor can help you decide whether surgery is a good option or whether there are other treatments you can try instead.

A Hand Specialist Can Provide Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

By working with a hand specialist, you can get the right treatment for your carpal tunnel symptoms. Since your case may not be the same as another case, the treatment recommendations can be different. The severity of your carpal tunnel symptoms may also affect the treatment that is recommended for you, since more severe symptoms will require a stronger treatment regimen or more significant intervention. With that in mind, you can work with your hand surgeon on the course of action that will relieve your symptoms and have you feeling good again.

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