Carpal Tunnel Procedure Pros and Cons

A carpal tunnel procedure is often a positive option for relieving symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome.  At the Florida Hand Center, the preferred carpal tunnel operation is endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.

This simple surgery is conducted through a ½ inch incision in the wrist that can be closed with surgical glue – no stitches! As with any treatment, there are pros and cons to hand surgery that are important to consider when choosing a course of treatment with your hand doctor.

Pro: Relief

For anyone who has experienced symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome, the joy of relief cannot be overstated! With a simple operation that divides the transverse carpal ligament in two, pressure is relieved and carpal tunnel symptoms abate.

Con: Time off work
While recovering you may need to take a break from certain work or leisure activities to preserve the benefits of the carpal tunnel operation. Now, is time off work really a bad thing!?

 Pro: Enhanced Quality of Life
Carpal tunnel operation provides immediate relief. Requiring only local anesthesia, a patient is awake during the operation and able to interact with the hand doctor as they operate.

Con: You may not need it
A good Florida Hand Surgeon  knows when a carpal tunnel operation is not needed. If a hand surgeon has not reviewed alternative treatments or ruled out non-surgical options, it is possible a carpal tunnel operation is not needed.

Ask questions in order to build confidence in your hand surgery doctor and ensure that a carpal tunnel operation is needed to relieve your symptoms.

Pro: Continued healing
Immediately following hand treatment or hand surgery you will need help from your hand doctor to understand how to ensure the fastest healing time possible.

Ask your hand doctor what you can do to preserve the benefits of your carpal tunnel operation so that you can continue to heal and improve your quality of life!