Basilar Joint Arthritis and Changes in the Weather

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL – Do you ever think you can “feel” weather changes in your body? People who suffer suffer from arthritis often say they can tell when it is going to rain based on their joints. Basilar joint arthritis affects the thumbs and can cause weakness, pain, and limited flexibility sometimes triggered by the change of weather. The initial symptom of basilar joint arthritis is an ache in the wrist or thumb especially when there are activities such as gripping, pinching, or twisting.

Basilar joint arthritis is caused by the thinning of the cartilage between your thumb and wrist. The joint then becomes inflamed leading to pain and swelling. Diagnosis is made from the patient’s history, through an examination and possibly through fluoroscope imaging.

There is no cure for arthritis as of yet, but there are treatments that can alleviate the discomfort that basilar joint arthritis can cause. Florida Hand Center offers effective non-surgical treatments that can significantly reduce the effect that this arthritis can cause on your body. Florida Hand Center’s non-surgical treatment options for this condition have a 95% success rate and typically surgery is not needed.

However, a surgical procedure can permanently correct the problem if the treatments are not successful. As hand specialists, our physicians perform this procedure about 50 times a year combined. The surgery generally takes about 30 minutes and is usually done in an ambulatory surgery center. There is no need to live in pain and discomfort, contact Florida Hand Center today and let us assist you on your road to recovery