10 Tips for Healthy Hands

Here are a few tips for healthy hands that should be considered to prevent hand pain and keep your hands in the best working order. The hand specialists in Port Charlotte at Florida Hand Center have been suggesting these tips to patients for years. While some common problems of the hand and arm are caused by genetics and use over time, these tips will help avoid injury and additional hand pain, providing healthy hands.

1. Perform exercises that strengthen your hand and arm muscles and stay active. Stay active in general to promote overall health including healthy hands.
2. Take a break, change or stop activities that cause hand painand make sure to note what activities cause the symptoms.
3. For healthy handsreduce the speed, force, and length of time you perform repetitive movements when doing things such typing, hammering, knitting, tennis, racquetball etc.
4. Change positions when holding books or magazines or holding steering wheels when driving.
5. Port Charlotte residents, which is where the Florida Hand Center is located, and residents throughout Florida should use your whole hand to grasp an object. It places less force on your wrist and/or specific fingers.
6. Wear protective gear, such as wrist guards, in sports activities.
7. When using a keyboard, take frequent breaks to stretch your fingers, hands, wrist, shoulders, and neck.
8. Avoid using your hands to strike or hammer objects. That can lead to hand pain.
9. Make a note of if/when you do have problems with your hands for early detection of a consistent hand pain problem.
10. Take extra caution when using sharp objects like knives, saws and tools.

We hope these tips for healthy handshelp keep you free of hand pain. Should you still experience hand problems, then contact a hand specialist in Port Charlotte at Florida Hand Center for a consultation.